DICE talks about playing as a Nazi in Battlefield 5’s War Stories


Back again.

This year Battlefield 5 will once again feature War Stories as its primary single player option. These are a collection of contained campaigns that will tell diverse stories from the perspective of a few people in World War II.

One of those stories is called The Last Tiger – where you will play as a Nazi soldier fighting from a Tiger 1 tank. This heavily armoured tank was deployed by the German military and caused many issues for the Allied forces. We spoke to Eric Holmes, Design Director at DICE about how they are framing this campaign, particularly as you get to play as a Nazi soldier.

“I’m going to pick my words carefully. Let me start by saying what we are not trying to do. We’re not trying to glamorise joining the German military and showing it as ‘cool’,” Holmes told Stevivor.

“So what are we doing. Trying to put people in the reality of the situation where they are in this incredible vehicle in a combat situation where it is out of control, and using that as an opportunity to explore how different people look at the situation that they are in. I don’t want to over describe too much more than that because I’m going to start pulling spoilers out of the whole experience.”

“But I think we haven’t taken the easy route with this one, but we also haven’t taken the pro German route either. So, I think given our track record with the last game, we’ve built up some trust both in the organisation and with our consumers. We’ve got a story worth telling, hopefully a little bit about what it was like to be there but without the ducking of punches. I think there is something moving, interesting, and daring there as a story.”

Battlefield 5 will release 20 November on Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4.