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Want more of The Witcher? Read the books!

Finishing up with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and impatient for the game’s soon-to-be-added New Game Plus mode? Then it’s the perfect time to get into the franchise’s novels.

Written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowksi, each and every single Witcher story takes place before CD Projekt Red’s series of games. That said, you’re come across a variety of familiar names, including Geralt (duh), Yennifer, Triss Marigold, Dandelion, Ciri and more.

The good folks over at io9 have provided a reading order covering the Witcher books that have been translated into English, and we thought we’d share it today with you.

  • “The Last Wish”: Published in 1993 as a collection of short stories, translated in 2007.
  • “The Sword of Destiny”: Written in 1992, but chronologically takes place after the first anthology; translated in 2015.
  • “The Blood of Elves”: Written in 1994, translated in 2009.
  • “Times of Contempt”: Written in 1995, translated in 2013.
  • “Baptism of Fire”: Written in 1996, translated in 2014.

Two additional Witcher books — dubbed Wiedźmin in Polish — have yet to be translated. “The Tower of the Swallow”, originally written in 1997, is expected in 2016, while “The Lady of the Lake”, written in 1999, is coming in 2017.

I’ve grabbed the five English titles currently available from Amazon’s Kindle Store for a song and have been loving every page of ’em.


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