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E3 2015: Shano’s old-fashioned, good-time, extra-chewy press conference notes

As in past E3 press conferences, Leo and I tackle first- and third-party publishers’ press conferences. We’re getting pretty good at it, but even then, news comes fast and furious. To ensure we don’t miss anything, we employed our very own Shane Wall — pictured above, far right ‘with’ Shinji Mikami and the rest of us — to jot down notes, dates and other important information.

We now present to you Shane’s notes — unedited and unabridged — for your viewing pleasure.

Nintendo direct

starfox zero
holiday 2015

super Mario maker
link is in it


skylanders superchargers
turbo charged donkey kong – barrel blaster
hammer slambowser
dual functionality amibo/skylander

LOZ triforce héros 3ds – fall 2015
fourswords style with 3
spin attack attire – big bomb outfit

hyrule warrior legends – 3ds
wind waker characters
1st quarter 2016

Blast ball

Metroid Prime federation force

fire emblem fates


12 4 15

animal crossing
sept 25

wii u with amibo
hoiday 2015

yoshi wool duzza
october 16

yokai watch
holily 2015

paper mario + superstar
spring 2016
paper jam

mario tennis
ultra smash
holiday 2015

mario maker
11th september

Square enix

Just cause 3
september 1st

NeiR something
ps4 exclusive?

Tomb raider
november 10h

lara croft go
is a thing

kingdom Hearts unchained key
iphone android

final fnatasy 7
more to come this winter

Kingdom hearts 3
is a thing

world of final fantasy
is still a thing

december 8
ps4 xbone and steam

star ocean integrity and faithlessness

deus ex mankind divided
early 2016

ff portal app

tokyo rpg factory
project setsuna

So, did you understand most of ’em?


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