Injustice 2’s Cat Fight Achievement or Trophy is utter bullshit


A single Achievement or Trophy in Injustice 2 is proving nearly impossible for fans to earn.

Called “Cat Fight” the earnable is relatively simple — as Catwoman, beat Cheetah with the final blow coming from Selina’s Cat Call move. In reality, the unlockable requires miraculous levels of random number generation (RNG) — and, to make it worse, developer NetherRealm is actively patching any shortcuts that its community devises.

Let’s delve into the sordid history of the unlockable.

Why it was tough to get, even at launch

In Injustice 2, characters customisation is king. Each character has the ability to unlock new gear and special moves via Multiverse special events or from Loot Mother Boxes. Additionally, as characters level up, they’ll receive two special moves on the way to the level 20 cap. Catwoman’s Cat Call move isn’t provided as a levelling bonus and instead is issued to a player based on RNG from Multiverse event and Mother Boxes.

While that mightn’t sound too difficult, it’s all about the luck of the draw. At the time of writing, two DLC characters have already been added to game, bringing Injustice 2‘s roster to 31; when all DLC is added, that number jumps to 38. With seemingly infinite amounts of gear available across that character base, it’s difficult to get unlocks for Catwoman, let alone that specific move.

Why it’s even harder to get now

With each Injustice 2 update, developer NetherRealm has made this near impossible Achievement even harder to unlock. When the game originally launched, special moves were treated as common items, meaning the lowest-level Mother Box — Bronze — could contain one. Originally, Bronze Boxes cost 1,000 coins to purchase. That’s now been nerfed — first, the price of a Bronze Box was upped to 5,000.

Worse yet, a subsequent update made special moves a rare item, meaning they’re far more likely to drop inside Gold Mother Boxes… which, coincidentally, cost 25,000 a pop. That’s a lot of in-game coin.

As you can see above, this author has earned — and spent — over 4 million coins and opened hundreds of Mother Boxes with no luck thus far.

Clever ideas, ruined

Injustice 2‘s user base has been well aware of this Achievement from day one, and several users have come up with ways to try and make RNGesus work for them. NetherRealm has patched every single one to date.

A first method involved save scumming — relying on online saves to acquire a bunch of coins, then going offline to spend them, hoping for a good roll. If it didn’t work out, the offline save was deleted and the user could roll back to the cloud-based one. NetherRealm’s patched that out.

A second method involved working Multiverse events in a similar way, but that too’s been patched out — NetherRealm wants you to earn this through ol’ fashioned effort.

What can you do then?

Not much, really — you can head into Extras > Options > Gear Drop Character Bias and ensure the setting is toggled to On, and then play through Multiverse events as Catwoman, waiting for a drop.

Doing so will also earn coins that can be spent on extra Mother Boxes. Still, this is dependant on a good roll coming your way.

How far is too far?

Judging from reactions on sites like TrueAchievements, fans are already past that point.

“It’s over, boys and girls. They [NetherRealm] officially made it near-impossible to get this,” writes user CatgirlFanatic. “Way to f*cking go.”

Most suggest that NetherRealm is actively blocking attempts to shortcut the Achievement in an effort to encourage daily play — after all, longevity is something all developers strive for in their work.

We’ve gone to Warner Bros. for comment on NetherRealm’s patches and whether or not they’re looking into making this unlockable a little easier.

Injustice 2 is currently available on Xbox One and PS4.