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Destiny: Here’s the best way to level up Light

You’ve been smashing Destiny‘s “Taken King” and have easily hit Level 40; now you’re asking what’s next. The answer is simple: Light.

We’ve a clever and sure-fire way to get better Light stats: use the Cryptarch to your advantage.

Just in case you’re unsure of what I’m talking about, see below. Your Level is on the left, while your Light is on the right. The higher your Light level, the more attack and defense you have. Light is directly tied to things like the Weekly Nightfall Strike, so you want the highest stats possible.


Weaponry, armour and certain cosmetic items like your Ghost all affect your Light level. Got that? Good.

Now, it seems the guy everyone loves to hate will decode engrams based on your Light level at the moment you offer items to him, so you need to be smart in your dealings. Here’s how it works:

  • Collect as many blue and purple engrams as you can. Thinks like the Strike Playlist are great for this; the longer you stay in the playlist, the more likely you are to get better drops.
  • Hoard those engrams — store them in the Vault if need be, especially if the temptation to decode them gets too strong.
  • When you’re ready, to go the Cryptarch of your choice and decode one engram at a time. Start with your blues.
  • After an engram has been decoded, apply it to your character to up his or her Light. Then, with a higher Light level, decode the next engram and repeat the process. Work through your blues, then your purples.

Enjoy your new Light!

Expect our final take on Destiny‘s “Taken King” on Monday, after we get some time in with the new Raid.


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