AO Tennis Xbox vs PS4: Here are the differences right now


There's a different version per platform today.

AO Tennis is available now on Xbox One and PS4, though there are essentially two versions of the game on offer.

Here’s what’s available in each, right now, as of 8.00 am AEDT on Tuesday, 16 January.

Xbox One

  • Australian Open mode
  • Casual mode
  • Online mode
  • Academy mode


  • Australian Open mode
  • Career mode
  • Casual mode
  • Online mode
  • Academy mode

The verdict

The biggest difference is that Xbox One does not offer a Career mode at present.

While rosters are the same across both platforms, overall player rankings have been updated on PS4 and not Xbox One (though this seems to relate to non-professional players anyway).

Moreover, the PS4’s day one patch has been deployed. It includes the following tweaks, as provided by Big Ant:

  • Higher Graphical Fidelity on Players
  • Truer ball paths
  • Sliding animations on Clay
  • Improved Degradation on Clay
  • Improved Degradation on Grass
  • Updated Player Roster
  • Improved Blending between Animations
  • Added More animations
  • Improved Ball Physics
  • Tuning of Difficulty

These updates — which we’ve yet to test as the patch has just come in — have not been deployed to Xbox One as yet.

Best to buy AO Tennis on PS4 right this second, unless you’d rather wait to see how the updates stabilise.