AO Tennis’ Achievements, Trophies detailed


A decent list!

AO Tennis is now available, and as such, so too is a listing of the game’s Achievements and Trophies. Let’s get into it with a list from TrueAchievements.

  • Stayin’ Afive (50): Win 5 consecutive matches.
  • Creationist (5): Create a player in the Academy.
  • You Cannot Be Serious!!! (25): Overturn a line judge’s decision with a challenge.
  • Happy Returns (10): Hit a return winner against your opponents serve.
  • Max Power (20): Have a serve reach over 200 km/h.
  • King of Spin (10): Win a point with a top spin shot.
  • Point Break (20): Win a game on your opponent’s serve.
  • Dropsy (10): Win a point with a drop shot.
  • Denied! (10): Lose a challenged decision.
  • Aces (5): Win a point with an ace.
  • Fetch (10): Win a game by only hitting Aces.
  • Lobster (10): Win a point with a lob shot.
  • TENnis (25): Play 10 Casual Matches.
  • Aces High (25): Hit 100 aces in any singles game mode.
  • At The Double (25): Win the Australian Open Doubles final.
  • Backbreaker (25): Hit 100 Backhand winners in any singles game mode.
  • Bagelled (25): Win a set 6-0.
  • Forehanded Compliment (40): Hit 100 Forehand winners in any singles game mode.
  • Kerb Stomped (40): Win the Australian Open with Angelique Kerber.
  • Many Happy Returns (40): Hit 50 return winners against your opponents serve.
  • Raffle (50): Win the Australian Open with Rafael Nadal.
  • Run Around (50): Make your opponent run 100 metres during a point.
  • Tie Fighter (50): Win a match via a tie break.
  • Who on earth is…? (50): Win the Australian Open with a custom created player.
  • Clear Run (50): Win the Australian Open without dropping a set for the tournament.
  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (70): Hit 500 winners in all singles game modes.
  • Comeback Kid (70): Win a five set match after being two sets down.
  • Rallying (90): Have a 72 shot rally in a single point.
  • Room Service (90): Get 100% of first serves in for a set.

What do you make of the list?

AO Tennis is available now on Xbox One and PS4. Expect our thoughts from 8.00 am AEDT.