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The Evil Within 2 Files guide: All chapters, all locations

Knowing is half the battle.

Bethesda’s spooky The Evil Within 2 is now available, and we’ve got a handy Evil Within 2 Files guide to find all in-game documents.

There are 40 files to collect in total; we’ve presented all of them them below, in the order that they are listed in the game’s menu system. There are also handy links to find specific files so you can compare your own list to ours.

Got all that? Let’s go!

Chapter 2

  • Photo of William Baker: After finding the first suspended-death guy (you’ll know what we mean), go into a side room and grab his photo. Poor guy.

  • Extravagant Letter: You’ll find this file after climbing some stairs. After the first flight, take a look to the left. Crouch under a barrier and find the letter on a table.

Extravagant letter

  • Photo of Another Victim: After meeting with a certain cameraman, you’ll end up back in the same stairwell area as the first file. You’ll also see a body being pulled through a doorway marked with a red door. Enter that area, hop over a table and find this file on top of another table.

Photo of Another Victim

  • Journal in Abandoned House: After a terrifying chance — you’ll know it — you’ll find safety in an abandoned house. Before exiting, take a look on a chest of drawers — it’s beside some vases.

Journal in Abandoned House

  • Photo of Castellanos Family: After exiting the house with the last file, Sebastian will hold this file up. Flip it over for a special message.

Photo of Castellanos Family

Chapter 3

  • Welcome to Union Pamphlet: This document (quite fittingly) is in the Union Visitor Centre, across the street from the O’Neal Safe House. Enter the building and look on a nearby counter.

Welcome to Union Pamphlet

  • Mobius Communicator Log: Replacement Parts: This is in the garage at the top left-hand corner of the map. It’s guarded by a Shrieker. Good luck.

Mobius Communicator Log: Replacement Parts

  • Woman’s Journal: This is found at 336 Cedar Avenue. Go through the house and it’s on a table — but be prepared for what comes next.

Woman's Journal

  • KCPD Request for Psychological Evaluation: This one is found at 345 Cedar Ave. Check on the gurney in the garage. Creepy, much?

KCPD Request for Psychological Evaluation

  • bu Still in 345 Cedar Ave, go look at the TV that’s turned itself on. After that, check the bedroom.

Torn Psychological Evaluation Report (Top)

  • Report #00592: Disposal Request: This one is under the Garage and connected with a series of Residual Memories. Solve an electric puzzle, beat a tough mini-boss and then head underneath the garage to find an Explosive bolt and this file.

  • Turner’s Communication Log: This is found in the basement of the Union Visitor Centre.

  • Report #00122: Recruits: This one can be found within the Safe House closest  to the Auto Shop.

Report #00122: Recruits:

  • Report #00654: Core Displacement: This is in one of the top rooms of the warehouse. It’s basically part of the story, as it’s where you’re looking for Lily.

Report #00654: Core Displacement

Chapter 4

  • Email: Union Growth: In the Marrow’s underground, near the huge model of Union. Check the nearest PCs.

Email: Union Growth

  • Email: Expansion and Data Goods: Check the room just after you pass through the gaseous section.

Email: Expansion and Data Goods

Chapter 5

  • Photo of Sebastian Castellanos: Can’t miss this one — it’s part of story progression.

Photo of Sebastian Castellanos

  • Report #00977: Urgent Structural Issues: In City Hall, go in the door after speaking with Harrison, then follow around to the right. This is still on the main floor.

Report #00977: Urgent Structural Issues

  • Krimson Post Article: This is in the hallway after taking the photo of the blue dress, necklace and flower.

Krimson Post Article:

  • Photo of Murdered Mobius Operative: This also part of story progression; you’ll get it as you are chasing after a baddie.

Photo of Murdered Mobius Operative:

  • Handwritten Note: Check the table to the left of the door as you’re about to leave the creepy room with red mannequins/bodies/whatever they are.

  • Report #00213: Union Social Maintenance: This is found after fighting the Obscura and before you leave City Hall.

Report #00213: Union Social Maintenance

Chapter 6

  • Report #00532: Displacement Protocols: This is found after the creepy white goo monster. You’ll need to unlock a frequency-locked door to get to it.

Report #00532: Displacement Protocols

  • Email: Core Candidates: This is on a PC in the Marrow Safe Room. You’ll get it after meeting a new friend.

Email: Core Candidates

Chapter 7

  • Barkeep’s Journal: In the Devil’s Own Taproom. It’s a building that is part of a main questline.

Barkeep's Journal

Chapter 9

  • Burnt Page from ‘Submit to Freedom’ 1: In the catacombs, in the rooms to the right if you’re looking at the spot you need to use the Valve Handle.

Burnt Page from 'Submit to Freedom' 1

Chapter 11

  • Torres’s Journal: In her Safe Room. Makes sense, eh?

Torres's Journal

  • Computer File: Hoffman’s Notes: In Hoffman’s Safe Room. We’re noticing a trend, here…

Computer File: Hoffman's Notes

  • Computer File: Security Protocols: This is in Lab 1, found after taking an elevator into a restricted area.

Computer File Security Protocols

  • Report: Irregularity Studies: In the lab area before gaining a Unity chip. It’s in a back room near Red Gel.

Report: Irregularity Studies

  • Report: STEM Integration Studies: In the same lab area as the Irregularity report — near the back by a projector.

Report: STEM Integration Studies

  • Computer File: Operative Case: Upstairs in Lab 3. You need this to acquire a chip.

Computer File: Operative Case

  • Computer File: Pit Observatory: Still in the same lab area, but past the room that needs a Shock Bolt to open. Be prepared for creepy blue mist lady!

Computer File: Pit Observatory

  • Torn Psychological Evaluation Report (Bottom): After the first bit of this latest blue mist lady sequence, go into the room on the right.

Torn Psychological Evaluation Report (Bottom):

  • Letter from Police Chief: Same area as the last file, just in the room to the left this time.

Letter from Police Chief

Chapter 12

  • Burnt Page from ‘Submit to Freedom’ 2: On the alter in front of the burning girl statue (inside the dark void).

[Photo coming soon]

Chapter 13

  • Message from Sykes: After completing “Last Step”, it’s on a desk in Syke’s Safe House.

[Photo coming soon]

  • Hoffman’s Journal: Inside a bag on the coffee table.

[Photo coming soon]

  • Theodore’s Scripture 1: At the back of the Church after your big fire walk experience.

Theodore's Scripture 1

  • Theodore’s Scripture 2: After you turn off jets of fire for the first time, look in a nearby side room.

Theodore's Scripture 2

The Evil Within 2 is now available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.