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Resident Evil 7 guide: How to win at 21 inside Banned Footage Vol. 2


One mode inside Resident Evil 7‘s “Banned Footage Vol. 2”, 21, is hellish fun… so long as you understand Blackjack.

We thought we’d provide a bunch of tips to help you succeed in its modes.

General tips

  • You’re aiming to hit 21 with your cards, or get closest to 21 without going over. You can, of course, see your own score, but can’t identify one card that your opponent has.
  • You’re playing with one deck, and cards don’t repeat, so you can use that knowledge to predict which unknown card your opponent may have.
  • As a rule, you can always hit if you have 10. That will provide your greatest chance to hit 21 without going over.

Trump card tips

  • No, not that Trump. These cards are special modifiers that either changes game rules or give you a numbered card you need.
  • You can’t have the same numbered normal and number Trump card in play at the same time. If you play a numbered Trump card and it appears nothing happens, that means the regular numbered card is in your opponent’s hand.
  • Near the end of the game, when your opponent plays the Desperation and Perfect Draw Trump cards, seemingly sealing your fate, you’ll need your own Trump cards to come out on top. Hands down — pun intended — Love Your Enemy is the best card to (hopefully) have in your possession, upping your opponent’s score past 21.

The thing with 21, at any difficulty, is that there’s a bit of luck involved. May the odds forever be in your favour.

Resident Evil 7 is now available on Windows PC and Xbox One as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, and PS4 with PS VR Support. PS4 users gain access to DLC first.

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