Need help finding Outlast 2‘s videos and files? Stevivor has you covered.

We present each file to you by category, alongside its location.

Genesis | Job | Lamentations | Judges | Leviticus | Revelations | Video


  • File 01: The Jane Doe Story part 1 (video) – This is recorded automatically as part of the storyline.
  • File 02: The Jane Doe Story part 2 (video) – This is recorded automatically as part of the storyline.
  • File 03: The Wreckage (video) – Film the fiery wreckage of the helicopter.
  • File 04: The Crucified Pilot (video) – Film the pilot directly after the helicopter.
  • File 05: The Impossible Town (video) – Film the town directly after the pilot.
  • File 06: My Dear Sweet Ellie (file) – Found on a table near a dead man in the first home you can enter.
  • File 07: Dear Father (file) – Found in the next house you can enter.
  • File 08: Remembering the Lost (video) – Film the gate with a rocking horse and notes.
  • File 09: Midwife’s Lament (file) – Found near the altar.
  • File 10: Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 8 (file) – Found in the barn after you use the object to gain access to the attic.
  • File 11: Visions Come (file) – Found on a body after the brilliant flash of light.
  • File 12: The Compound (video) – Film the church-like structure.
  • File 13: New Gospels, Part 1 (file) – Found right after you enter the compound.
  • File 14: Val’s Secret (file) – Found in a pit inside the underground torture chamber.
  • File 15: New Gospels, Part 2 (file) – Found after you go back upstairs.
  • File 16: Jessica’s Suicide Note (video) – After the second flash of light, record in the music room.
  • File 17: Interogation (video) – Film your host after a nap in the root cellar.
  • File 18: Ethan’s Letter (file) – On the nightstand beside Ethan’s bed, before you leave his house.
  • File 19: Crucified Heretics (video) – After you cross a bridge, film the big fire.
  • File 20: Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 5 (file) – Shortly after the last video, up on the hill.
  • File 21: Marta (video) – Go to the end of the path through the small cornfield and film the gate.
  • File 22: Letter from a Husband (file) – After you clear the cornfield, look at the foot of the next house’s door.
  • File 23: Val’s Journal pt. 1 (file) – In the attic of the barn, on a table.
  • File 24: Temple Gate Anima Cristi (file) – After the barn, at the base of the statue.
  • File 25: Dead Birds (video) – Film the crows after the third flash of light.
  • File 26: Cavern Temple (video) – Start recording after you slide down into the cave.
  • File 27: New Temple Gate (video) – Start recording the chapel after you squeeze through a gap in the rocks.
  • File 28: Val’s Journal pt. 3 (file) – After climbing under a staircase, the document will be right in front of you.
  • File 29: Letter from Val to Knoth (file) – Head upstairs to the top floor — it’s at the back of the room.
  • File 30: Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 6 (file) – Head down the hill, and climb through a window into the basement of a house; it’s in the next room.
  • File 31: Val’s Journal pt. 5 (file) – On your way to the generator, head right and go into the second house’s basement. Move a cupboard and head into a secret room.
  • File 32: Sundries from the Sinful World (file) – In the room right before the generator.
  • File 33: Temple Gate (video) – After using the elevator, record the sign as you exit.
  • File 34: Garden Note (file) – Pretty much behind you after you exit the elevator.
  • File 35: Hanged Jessica (video) – During the next in-school sequence.
  • File 36: The Show Room (video) – After you escape by pushing a wardrobe out of the way and run down a long hallway, video the woman on the bed.
  • File 37: Accept my Suicide (file) – After you shimmy across a gap, there’s a note on a lectern.
  • File 38: Gospel Duty (file) – After you escape attackers by sliding into a basement window of a house. It’s in the next room on a bookshelf.
  • File 39: Why You Have To Die (video) – Video inside the chapel area; focus on the old woman at the back.
  • File 40:  Lesson Plan (file) – At the top of the chapel, before you climb out the window.
  • File 41: A Letter to Mom (file) – In the courtyard, before you push and climb up the wagon.
  • File 42: Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 10 (file) – At the back right of the area after you climb up the wagon.
  • File 43: Temple Gate Act of Contrition (file) – Go through the village and head behind the house at the end of the path (after the sparks). It’s on a lectern.
  • File 44: Val’s Journal pt. 4 (file) – After climbing the second wagon, go up the hill and into the first house on the right. Go into the next room, push the bookshelf to go into the next, and check the floor.
  • File 45: The Chapel (video) – Go back to the main path and film the chapel when you get to it. Hard to miss.
  • File 46: Rest These Bone (file) – Before the chapel, there’s a path to the left. It’s at the end.
  • File 47: Letter from Nick to Knoth (file) – As you enter the chapel.
  • File 48: Torture (video) – Film the tortured woman.
  • File 49: Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 2 (file) – After you climb the water tower, crawl through an opening in the fence and go into the first house. It’s in the room past the woman and her ‘child’.
  • File 50: Val’s Journal pt. 2 (file) – In the second house near the cornfield.
  • File 51: Knoth’s Gospel Ch. 1 (file) – This is in the barn you can use to hide from Marta.
  • File 52: The Abattoir (video) – Film the woman up on a hook.
  • File 53: To Marta, My Avenging Angel (file) – Just after the last video, before you get your own hook.
  • File 54: Outside Marta’s Chapel (file) – This will appear right near an Achievement for progression.
  • File 55: A Game of Hangman (video) – Film the game of hangman in the school.

Outlast 2 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.