Friendly Fire Cast 026: PAX AUS “Gamer Rage – Entitlement Issues” panel


With PAX AUS in full swing, the boys of the Friendly Fire Cast are taking a bit of a break.* Don’t fret, though! In their place this week is a (kind of dodgy iPhone) recording of the “Gamer Rage – Entitlement Issues” panel that took place Saturday 20 July in the PAX AUS Wombat Theatre.

Here’s the description of the panel, straight from the PAX AUS program:

“Gamers are an entitled bunch. Over the past five years alone we’ve had petitions launched to change the ending of an epic space adventure, frenzied debate over cover art for a thought provoking, 1920’s shooter and most recently, had petitions launched to President Obama to stop sales of a certain title because consumers believe “it violates our rights to have a choice between the originals or the reboot.” Are gamers crazy? Or are they simply passionate beyond belief?

“Our panel is going to take a look at five occasions of extreme “gamer entitlement” and talk about the issue at its core. Did consumers have a right to request BioWare rewrite the entire ending of Mass Effect 3, or was that an impeachment on their artistic vision as creators?”


  • Stephen Heller [Pixels for Breakfast]
  • Jess “Jiggsy” Hodgson [EA]
  • Ben Salter [MMGN]
  • Steve Wright []
  • Nic Watt [Nnooo]
  • Mark Isaacson [The Indie Game Magazine]

We’ll be back with our regular Friendly Fire Podcast format next week. Thanks for tuning in!

*By “taking a bit of a break,” we mean that the boys are neck-deep in gaming goodness. Keep it glued to MMGN and Stevivor for continued coverage.