Sony today advised it will be sending PlayStation VR to Westfield Shopping Centres around most of Australia’s states and territories to give games the chance to try the tech out ahead of its October release. You’ll be able to try

Stevivor was lucky enough to not only get hands-on time with Criterion’s Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission, a PS4-exclusive virtual reality (VR) experience, but to speak with Producer Pete Lake about its development. After spending twenty minutes

Ubisoft today confirmed release dates for its three big virtual reality (VR) titles —Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within. Eagle Flight hits store shelves first in October, available for the Oculus Rift on 18 October. It then heads to the

Star Wars Battlefront’s upcoming X-Wing Virtual Reality DLC will be based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  It’s the first game content to be based on a Star Wars Anthology spin-off film. Rogue One, which hits cinemas on December 16, is

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Santa Monica Studio has brought a varied range of titles to PlayStation platforms over the years. Flower, Journey and Sound Shapes sit in its roster alongside the excellent PixelJunk suite of games, as well as the God of War and Fat

An announcement for DriveClub VR was posted and then quickly pulled from the internet. A a cache of the page in question on the Japanese PlayStation Blog suggests a 13 October release, the same date the PlayStation VR headset hits store shelves. Paul

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida used a PlayStation VR event in Hong Kong last week to assure gamers that a PS4.5 Neo wasn’t needed to tackle virtual reality. “We believe that everyone can enjoy the entertainment content on PSVR,” Yoshida said, via

For the first time in franchise history, a western writer will pen Resident Evil 7. Richard Pearsey, who’s also written Spec Ops: The Line and F.E.A.R., takes senior writing credit up Capcom’s upcoming, first-person, VR-fuelled sequel. “This has been quite a trip,”

Eagle Flight, the virtual reality exclusive from Ubisoft Montreal, will be one of the most popular of the 50 games available in the PlayStation VR launch period for its accessibility. It’s not the Wii Sports of the technology – no single

E3 2016 Analysis: Electronic Arts | Bethesda | Microsoft | Ubisoft | Sony Sony has been on a generational victory lap since June 2013 but this year they literally played Microsoft off the stage with a combination of bombastic presentations, killer

Publisher Rebellion today confirmed it has delayed Sniper Elite 4 to February 2017. The game will be delayed as Rebellion plans to support its PlayStation VR WWII shooter, Battlezone, in October 2016 instead. “Battlezone will release in October as a launch title

Capcom has confirmed that the Resident Evil 7 demo, available today for PlayStation Plus subscribers, is based off of the PlayStation VR “Kitchen” experience of last year. You know, the one where a monster tortured you as you were tied to

Sony today confirmed that the PlayStation VR headset will head to stores on 13 October. More than 50 games will be available — or supported — at launch. Including the newly announced Resident Evil 7. Also new to the experience are Batman:

Resident Evil 7 has been confirmed at Sony’s E3 press conference. Take a look at its introductory trailer, below: As per normal, the trailer suggests that the gameis heading back to its horrific roots. Time will tell, eh? Resident Evil

Ubisoft used its E3 press conference to detail Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Check out the game — featuring Star Trek‘s LeVar Burton, Jeri Ryan and Karl Urban — below: We’ve a couple screenshots from the game to share with you: We’ll

Ubisoft today detailed Eagle Flight in conjunction with Oculus. The VR-based title will offer up the experience of flight. Check it out: What do you think? Eagle Flight will be available on all VR platforms.