EA and Sony will team up for a Star Wars: Battlefront VR experience using PlayStation VR, Sony today announced at GDC. “This will be a Star Wars: Battlefront gaming experience like nothing else, where players can transport themselves to a

At GDC in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment dated and priced the PlayStation VR. Available in October 2016, the PlayStation VR unit will cost $399 USD. Rival products are priced quite higher; Valve’s HTC Vive costs $799 USD and the Oculus

Sony has filed a trio of patents for a glove-based controller system that appears to work in tandem with PlayStation VR. NeoGAF user Rösti discovered the filings, which details a glove with a finger-tracking flex sensor, contact sensor and more. Data

NeoGAF today reports that Sony will hold an exclusive PlayStation VR press event at next month’s GDC. The event is to be held on 15 March in San Francisco, USA. We’ll have more on the event as it unfolds.

In a recent issue of the Weekly Famitsu, 25 games developers and a range of gamers were surveyed regarding the future of VR regarding video games. Across a series of questions the developers revealed whether they were developing a VR

After three days of positivity today was the day Oculus dropped the hammer, attaching a $600 USD price point to the future of video games. While early adoption has never been cheap, being priced out of virtual reality particularly stings.

Polygon today reports that PlayStation VR’s external processing unit is the size of a Nintendo Wii. Sony has confirmed its virtual reality device does require an external processing unit, but never detailed its size. Polygon says it’s seen the processor

PAX AUS finally provided me the chance to try out virtual reality. Over the course of two short days, I threw on headsets from both Oculus and Sony — and let me tell you, the experiences couldn’t have been any more

Sony and Supermassive Games are allegedly working on a PlayStation VR experience tied-in to cult hit Until Dawn. According to sources close to the project, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a first-person shooter developed specifically for the PlayStation VR system. While

At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced the official name for the Project Morpheus headset and virtual reality tech as PlayStation VR. While not as flashy as Project Morpheus it’s a lot more direct and unlikely to confuse end consumers.