Farpoint isn’t quite the VR shooter that Impulse Gear promised, but it’s close. A mixture of a VR experience, shooter and a walking simulator, its six-hour core experience is certainly unlike anything else VR gamers have experienced. As a pilot

Steve Wright, Stevivor: This is a VR shooter, it’s not a shooter that has VR components. It probably wasn’t tacked on to the end of something that was in development. How has that process gone for you? You’ve kind of pioneered,

Farpoint isn’t a shooter that you can play in VR, it’s a VR shooter. Stevivor spent thirty minutes with the title today, testing out both story and co-op modes. We entered story mode right from the start, slowly getting used to

Farpoint‘s latest trailer deals less with the VR shooter itself and more with the game’s bundled VR Aim controller. The controller peripheral reminds us of Wii peripherals, allowing the PlayStation VR’s Move controller to be placed into a futuristic, gun-like

A new story trailer for Farpoint was released by Sony yesterday. Farpoint is a first-person shooter designed exclusively for PlayStation VR. You can watch the new trailer below. The game comes with an optional aim controller that developer Impulse Gear doesn’t consider that

Sony today confirmed that Farpoint, its very own virtual reality shooter, will head to PS4 and PlayStation VR in May. The first-person shooter “transports you to a distant alien world where you’ll need to contend with hostile lifeforms and hazardous