Preview: FIFA 13

Preview: FIFA 13

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PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Sports

RELEASE DATE(S): 27 September

At a recent preview event held by Electronic Arts, we here at had the opportunity to see EA Sports latest entry for the famed FIFA series. The upcoming release will feature a vast array of refinements that will continue to immerse gamers and long time fans into the world of international soccer.

Players of EA’s previous iteration of the series -- FIFA 12 -- are well aware that the release was a massive reinvention of the gameplay system with a much higher emphasis on physics. The result was a title that played much more realistically. Series veterans will be pleased to know that this system has received further development.

Field players no longer feel like they are tied to the ball during possession forcing gamers to play more tactically to avoid the opposing team from stealing the ball. A result of this has allowed the developers to provide more ways to play both offensively and defensively, an example being the inclusion of Complete Dribbling. Gamers can now have the opportunity to have more control over the ball by using more accurate dribbling in a full 360 degree motion.

A new system titled First Touch Control eliminates near perfect control for every player by creating uncertainty when receiving difficult balls. It’s a system that allows all the elements such as trajectory, velocity and defensive position contribute to how successful your passes are. It’s a great way for people who have mastered defence to turn a match in their favour.

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For those of you that found it frustrating to regain possession from your opponent there is hope in the improvements from the new Player Impact Engine. P.I.E. extends the existing physics system by allowing players to use their  to use their body to win possession, push and pull for position and utilise their size and strength to force opponents into poor touches and decisions before the ball arrives.  It is no doubt a relief to have more defensive options.

One of the most fun and welcome additions we found was the inclusion of skill games which provides players with a way to learn or master the fundamental skills of FIFA 13. You can compete by yourself or have friends join for a more competitive approach. Regardless of what you choose it’s a great way to perfect your skills in passing, dribbling, shooting and scoring. You can also compete for a global ranking in each skill game.

Players will find that FIFA 13 extends beyond the console this time around with both Website and iOS support. You can check rankings; manage your teams and players from Career mode, and manager your auctions for new players. It’s going to add an entirely new addictive dimension to the game.

FIFA 13 is shaping up to be Electronic Arts most ambitious FIFA release ever. With plenty of enhancements and new features there’s no doubt that it’s aiming to provide fans with a complete package. Keep an eye on for our review in the coming weeks. FIFA 13 is out now on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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