Destiny: Here’s how to get The Dawning’s new Exotics, Abbadon and Nova Mortis
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Destiny: Here’s how to get The Dawning’s new Exotics, Abbadon and Nova Mortis

A quest, Guardian -- it's always a quest.

Destiny‘s The Dawning event is upon us, and that means new Exotic weapons for those willing to go through some new quests.

You’ll be able to activate the quest that provides both weapons once you reach Rank 7 in the Dawning’s new Record book. That will provide you with Xur’s tag, which you’ll then use to open a huge present that sits at the back of the Tower. Doing so will add the Songs from the Void quest, which is activated when you talk to Ikora Rey.

Ikora will send you to Banshee-44, who will then ask you to get 100 points of Void ability kills. Once complete, you’ll need to complete the Abomination Heist Strike.

Following the Strike, speak with Ikora and you’ll earn the first Exotic, Nova Mortis.

You’ll kick off the next phase of the quest by speaking with Comander Zavala. He’ll send you back to Banshee-44, who’ll task you to gain 100 points of Solar ability kills. Once that’s done, complete the Shield Brothers Strike and talk to Zavala to grab the second Exotic, Abbadon.

If you want to see it in video form, we’ve got that too, thanks to Arrekz.

You can learn how to get the Exotic Year 3 Icebreaker here.

The Dawning runs until early January. Destiny is available on Xbox One and PS4.

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