Online petition asks Nintendo to change Link to a young black female in the next Zelda Wii U game

A new petition on is calling for Nintendo to change Link to a young black female in the upcoming Legend of Zelda game on Wii U.

Anton Watabe from Detroit, Michigan has started the petition.

"For too many years have the black community been underrespresented [sic] in the video game industry," Watabe wrote on "Nintendo went too far this time when they chose to make the new Link white and white only. We need to end this injustice, equality has sadly still not been truly achieved."

The petition currently has 48 supporters, but judging from the comments, it seems like some who've signed think the whole campaign is one big tongue-in-cheek joke.

What do you think of the petition?

About the Author
Steve Wright

Steve Wright, aka Stevivor: A Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, freelance journalist, sweet games blog owner, ice hockey player/fan, beer aficionado and tech trainer. Steve is proud to be the Australian iiNet TopGeek 2.0! Check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Clearly done in jest *rolls eyes*

    The franchise has always been about a young boy maturing at an early age and taking on enormous responsibility. It’s a staple of the series that Link is a boy, but the fact that he looks androgynous should be good enough for everyone even though they didn’t have to do that, but no these feminists and apologists to whatever crowd want to turn the series on its head. There’s no good reason to. Zelda is not socially politically motivated. It’s not meant to reflect the whims and desires of players. It’s fantasy. Either you like the games for what they are or you can go and play something else or better yet develop your own game if you feel so strongly about this. Nintendo can do whatever the heck they like. It wouldn’t even be viable to allow gender swapping as that would have a domino effect all all the cut-scenes and dialogue unless you want bland, cookie-cutter text-boxes with no character. Link is called ‘Link’ because he’s a link to the in-game world, but the character is STILL male. It’s stupid when people try and argue that because he’s a ‘link’ then he should represent the player. No, don’t twist the definition. This is all so ridiculous. The PC crowd should go and choke on some Deku Seeds.


    • heavenshitman1

      I almost wholly applaud this response.
      My views tend to be pretty strong on such topics and am usually alone. But in regards to this racism business. Get over it… Seriously, there’s more important things in life than to worry how ppl think of your culture or breed. I’m nothing special but just a regular white working male in Australia, I work in a factory. Just to walk into my job on a daily basis is a pile of hurled insults, sarcasm and generally derogative talk from the ppl I work closest with on the job. You just live with that nature and get on with it.
      We can’t just multi-colour and automatically multi-gender every singular fictional character in all forms of media just to appease all the audiences out there. White characters like link are more represented because the artists creating those stories are probably white Asian/Caucasian themselves, and it’s the culture they know best. The one they can tell the most accurate stories in.
      I’m sure if an African were to write or tell a story, the protagonist, hero, primary character would be black and likely the same gender as the author. You’ll never hear me complain about that

      • Asturias_Knytt

        There is a self hate culture in Japan and you could argue Nintendo could do more to fight that stigma. You could argue that they have a duty to do so. They have no Asian looking characters whatsoever. It didn’t sell back in the 80s because people, especially in the West, were far less accepting of that look, but they’re maintained that approach. Isn’t it time that changed? I’m not saying they should start with Zelda and while it’s an arguably just as controversial thing to do it’s controversial in a different way and something that I’d support.

        • DarthDiggler


          Why are you looking for private companies to deal with a societal issue? Not exactly the best fit, if something is important to you, start a foundation and create awareness. Using your time and money since it is important to YOU.

          I just love how people demand things from companies for stuff that is “important” for them. :-P

        • Johana

          Are you dumb? What do you mean by Asian looking? Have you seen the Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino, Indian, Lebanese, etc? They look more beautiful and can easily matched the Link character. So fuck you!

      • midnax

        On top of that, no one has a problem with Mario being a white male, for instance. The argument would be “He’s too iconic” I bet. Well, ditto for Link.

    • Kamille

      zelda games has never been about anything but a boy saving a girl. A very trivia excuse for a game. Zelda series has never been deep in any way (excpt for gameplay of-course), you could swap Link for a girl an nothing would change. Link doesn’t even talks of expresses opinion about anything either.

      • Dr Scoobie

        Well he would pretty look the same, and it would have no effect on gameplay. So I would be perfectly fine with it.
        Although if it has no effect, then why does it matter?

        Wouldn’t it be simpler to introduce a new female protagonist,
        rather than changing an existing one?

        • Asturias_Knytt

          Yeah, it’s not like the mere sight of him is offending anyone. I can understand having Zelda playing a more active role instead of being the ol’ damsel in distress, something that I actually want [what does she actually do while Link is killing monsters? =P], but changing Link’s gender would be pretty redundant. Unless they can find good reason for the change Link should remain a guy.

          • Astorica

            I don’t think you have played many Zelda games if you think she is just a damsel in distress…

      • Asturias_Knytt

        You say this –

        “zelda games has never been about anything but a boy saving a girl”

        then you this –

        “you could swap Link for a girl an nothing would change”

        How does that make sense?

        Anyway, judging by your comments you’ve probably never played Majora’s Mask or if you did you couldn’t get very far and gave up.

        • Lydragius

          Nothing much would change because you can simply go from boy saves girl to girl saves boy. No loop holes. And what does majora’s mask have to do with anything? Yes link has a deeper personality in that game but making link change genders wouldn’t impact that either.

          • Rhys Moreby

            I believe the commenter is reffering to your comment that “zelda games has never been about anything but a boy saving a girl” – majora’s mask is an example where this isn’t true. Also Link’s Awakening.

          • allen hileman

            my too favorite zeldas MAJORAS MASK AND LINKS AWAKENING

          • Asturias_Knytt

            That’s a very simplistic way at looking at it. In that case what’s the point of the change then?

            Majora’s Mask is the richest game in the series. The poster above said “Zelda series has never been deep in any way (except for gameplay of-course)”.

          • DarthDiggler

            Just make a game with Zelda as the lead role and now you have a game that will look good to the femi-Nazi types.

            God forbid a developer just make the game they want. Political correctness won’t allow that.

            If things are important to you and others, form a trust, form a foundation, DO SOMETHING with your own time, effort and money and stop asking companies to bank roll your passions.

          • bob

            Well the thing is, they won’t stop complaining regardless. there are games with female protagonists and those games get called out because it isn’t perfect or something.

            A good example is Faith from Mirror’s Edge or Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. Samus is a pretty good example too actually. Though Elizabeth is more akin to Zelda while Faith and Samus are Main Characters. Both Elizabeth and Zelda still have active and IMPORTANT roles in which the hero could not win without their help. Yet these femenists complain when they aren’t the SOLE hero. and then when they are in cases like Samus and Faith, they complain that they are too good looking. You literally can’t win, even by trying to appease them.

            As a side note, look at how terribly the game “Remember Me” sold. Hilariously, you probably don’t even remember the game. that’s because not only was it not advertised, but the audience it attempted to cater to didn’t care.

          • Anthony Dwight Williams

            Remember Me…under-rated title.

      • fatneal

        why does that matter though? its fantasy…whether this is a joke or not im black and i think this whole thing is ridiculous. i hate apologist i hate how soft the world is…everyones a winner now…everyones easily offended…its entertainment…entertainment is purely optional…no one is forced to indulge in anything they dont want to and i think thats a fair trade but this idea of people wanting your goods and services but are only patronize if the integrity of the work is compromised and your forced to cater to my wants and needs…its ridiculous!

      • AdrianDDM

        You have never played a single zelda game, right? It’s not just about a boy saving a girl, it’s more than that, but you won’t ever know coz you are here just to annoy. You are the racist, you are who only cares about skin color when you do posts like that and call people racist just because they are not black… anyways i am sorry if my english is not perfect, i am learning

      • Miguel Garcia

        maybe he is just there but still is not right the creator of the game decided that link was a boy you need to respect that and the franchise has been accepted as is, if they want to have a black female character then why don’t they create their own game this is like if you go to a restaurant you ask for a coke and they came up with a Pepsi they might be similar but definitely they are not the same from my point of view that’s an insult to the creator and the franchise, besides i bet that if Nintendo would do so still people will be complaining i remember a game that kinda happened the same and then feminist were complaining that the outfit was sexist and denigrating that because had big boobs and what not people DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT if you give them what they ask for then you screw up your own work and at the end you disappoint those who were there with you at the beginning and you still don’t satisfy the ones that requested you the change to begin with

      • Asdf


        shut up. Just shout that loud moth hole of yours.

    • Lydragius

      The legend of zelda series makes link out to not be his own character but rather the player’s reflection. In previous games he has been solidly named as a boy, because there used to be mostly male gamers, but now that it’s changing the producer desires that people see link less as his own character and more as the person holding the controller. To do this the makers want to make link more transparent and moldable to the changing gaming community. If you have a personal issue with this then keep it to yourself, because it isn’t about what you want. Gender bending would cause no storyline loop holes nor would it lead to cutscene confusion or blandness. In fact it makes more sense. Link is not really a person so much as a spirit that gets incarnated into a different life throughout time when his power is needed. What are the odds of being incarnated into only a male? Not very good- and not very interesting. I would very much like to see a male prince zelda and male love interests for a female link. You may not like my argument but what you must realize is that the makers of the games themselves are making the exact same argument and they don’t particularly like the argument that you have made. And they are the ones with the upper hand.

      • Asturias_Knytt

        From where do you get this impression that the majority of male gamers name Link as a boy and since when was ‘Link’ a gender-specific name? I think you’re mixing gender with sex. The first encompasses social norms, the second is biological. Link is a representation of the player’s actions and nothing more. His name is not tied to a gender. You can be as hostile as you like, but Aonuma has displayed no such ‘desires’ to change either. This is your desire and that of those who support your stance. The majority happens to disagree and they have the loudest voice. Link is already “transparent and moldable” enough because he’s an empty shell to which the player’s imagination can fill. That is part of the character’s charm as he was originally realised as more masculine, but over the years has become more gender-neutral. Fundamentally, however, he is still a male character for the purposes of the story which admittedly hasn’t evolved as much as it should have.

        “What are the odds of being incarnated into only a male? Not very good- and not very interesting.”

        As for the likelihood of Link being reincarnated as a male every time. Well I don’t want to turn this into a religious debate, but wasn’t Rauru reincarnated as an owl in Ocarina of Time? Does that make sense? I’ll go back to my point and say this is ‘fantasy’. No amount of logic or flimsy logic applies. Why is it any less interesting that Link is a ‘male’ every time?

    • Emily

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well said Asturias!

    • midnax

      Nobody really cares that he’s a boy, too. Most Link cosplayers are female. And I agree completely, he’s not like a super buff, manly, egocentric MAN either. My friends and I (who are all girls, mind you) joke that he’s wearing a dress. And the gifts you get after the Silent Realms in Skyward Sword are meant to teach Link how to accessorize (necklace, earrings and “gloves” [clawshots]). That’s obviously a joke, so please relax. But my point is that Link is perfect the way he is. He’s my fictional hero and I would not want him any other way. If he changes, then the resulting game isn’t Zelda. So basically, I agree. :P

  • fatneal

    its amazing to see how shitty modern gamers really are man…its unbelievable

    • Kamille

      yup, because free speech it’s sooo overrated. The entire world should be a dictator ship like Cuba, right? In a world like that I doubt there would be video games though. lol

      • Dr Scoobie

        People can say what they want. It’s their right.
        Fatneal still has the right to ignore them however.

      • fatneal

        whoa you went way left field on me…ill join you

        look heres the deal i dont think these type protest should be allowed in art forums. it has no place here. what ever happened to if a person doesnt like or agree with something they just choose not to spend their money on it or indulge in any other way? this petition makes one of two things clear: 1) its a tasteless joke clearly made by fanboys or 2) Anita Sarkeesian BS has grown new legs in the gaming world.

        free speech is cool and all but if youre an american like me you see how its abused on both sides. lets say this petition picks up speed and fickle nintendo decides to alter the game in hopes to not offend american gamers…does that help or hurt the zelda series? the modern gamer is selfish and shallow and in love with everything gaming isnt about and im personally sick of it.

        • Lydragius

          For most cases i agree, but when the character is meant as a representative of the player i believe it makes sense to make the character moldable. However i think they should simply claim link androgynous and be done with it. That’s what i have done in my mind since the age of ten anyway, but this just makes it official.

          • Asturias_Knytt

            Is there any need for confirmation?

          • fatneal

            its all fantasy…i dont play CoD or kingdom hearts thinking im actually the main protagonist…its fantasy i allow my self the immersion but not so much to where i think im actually the character…this subject is absurd

      • Ricoh123

        I’ve made two comments on here. Both non racist. Both got deleted.

        So much for free speech.

        This sh*t article should get deleted too.

        My comment btw, was saying that white people should play the role of black slaves in films. Which is just the same principle as this article.

        • Steve Wright

          Most of your “free speech” was hate speech. I don’t give a damn about what you think you can and can’t say, mate. You only get to go so far on here.

          • Ricoh123

            And what do you think this petition is?

            It’s the same thing. That’s the point.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    I’m gonna say no to this. I do agree that African Americans and other ethnic races are left out in Video games but Game Developers/ Game Publishers can make their game what ever way they would like without discriminating or offending anyone. To go back to what @Asturias_Knytt:disqus was saying if you can’t like the game for what it is I suggest you make your own or play something else. I don’t like how she words in way that Nintendo is doing this on purpose and she feels entitled.

  • Guy Brohski

    White link and white link only? Dat’s ray-siss!!!!1

    • midnax

      Technically, Link isn’t white. He’s Hylian.

      • Asturias_Knytt

        He’s white under his cap. He wears it to avoid offending people…


  • Guy Brohski

    Will Smith’s daughter would make a great Link! Missing-Link that is, harr harr!

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Oh boy oh boy oh boy….pleeeeease tell me you’re joking? That’s a horrible joke!

    • Anthony Dwight Williams

      THAT SIR…………was pretty fucking funny. :)

  • Kamille


    although I wouldn’t mind seeing a black or latino Link. l mean, Nintendo said that Link never talks because he’s a representation of the player but I’m not white nor have blonde hair, so he’s not representing me very well. I’m latino!

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Link’s a representation of the player interacting with the in-game world. You don’t have to dye your hair blonde to play as him.

    • midnax

      Link being a representation of the player doesn’t mean he looks like us. He’s not our “avatar.” He’s just who we play through. He’s our medium through which we experience Hyrule (or wherever the game takes place). People are too literal.

  • Dr Scoobie

    Wouldn’t it be much simpler to just introduce
    such a character, rather than change an existing one?
    It would likely be met with much less resistance too.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt a young black female made the request.

  • Bozo Sapien

    People who demand that artists change their visions to suit their own sociopolitical quotas are the true racists.

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Misguided in their attempts at addressing an imbalance would be a better way of putting it…

  • DutchmanPF

    OMFG! are u retarded this is like making Legoslas from the lord of the Rings redheard and black elf’s are like that you ****. I dont know what you are talking about but in Battlefield 4 in the campaing one of the main character is Black, In Call of Duty Ghosts in Multiplayer YOU can costumize your caracter and make it Black, AND IN THE FUCKING WII U YOU CAN MAKE A BLACK MII!!!!!! SO WHAT IN JESUS NAME ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?¿?¿?¿ Even in the Next SMASH Bross the trainer of Little Mac is Black OMG

    • Jason Mounce

      Legoslas, lol

  • Shinka95

    Some people should just die.

  • Guest

    WTF is wrong with people’s entitlement. First it’s the gays, now it’s the black people?GTFO and leave creators to their own artistic vision! The whining is PATHETIC!

  • Sean Mesler

    Sigh. This petition is a broad satire of the recent complaints about diversity and under representation in games. Ergo, it’s not serious.

  • Bliss Seeker

  • Dave C Haldane

    I don’t think they’ll succeed. I got 68 signatures on my petition to change Jax to a fiesty young white blonde girl with huge tits and nothing was done. He’s still a muscly black dude with robot arms! Busty, scantily clad girls remain underrepresented in vs fighting games to this day as a result!

    For shame!

  • Sam

    What’s Next, change Mario from an Italian Plumber to an Asian because Asians find it racist that they are making a game where the protagonist and none of it’s characters are Japanese? Please, this is the most ridiculous thing i have read so far this year.

    • midnax

      completely agreed.

  • Miss Nomer

    What Sean said. While subtle in its approach, it comments well on how the integrity of the gaming industry is playing second fiddle to this ridiculous trend of socio-political correctness.

    Tired of subculture under-representation? Just take a look around you. Alyx Vance from Half Life and Aveline of Assassin’s Creed Liberation are just some of many examples. I’m not saying that’s enough, but the focus on creating powerful female characters in video games will be sure to increase as the months/years go by.

  • Dude

    First off what is race? It’s where you come from, Africans are African Russians are Russian but for some reason a Russian in America is white? My point is link is Hylian not white, white isn’t even a fucking race. Guess what Hylians have pale skin. The game is made by Asians, if they were trying to be racist everyone in the game would be Asian. The petition is bullcrap, as well as this post, there are plenty of other writers that should be getting more attention then this hurry post, but everyone clicks on it because they are like me and say what is this shit?

    • Dude

      Shitty not hurry

  • Spencer

    Hahahaha no. If they are serious about this moronic petition they need to have their brain examined.

  • Joshua

    They should also put some homosexuals sitting on a bench making out…not. It’s a Japanese company who have decided to make a White “Elf” like person their protagonist haha. When you make a video game you can make the protagonist whatever color and species you want.

  • Anonymous

    what does being african have to do with anything?
    may aswell make them suffering rare diseases.
    there’s playing it fair and having diversity, then there’s needlessly having minorities for the sake of it.
    most countries don’t have many black people in, if any at all.
    the whole idea of having a black female as the protagnostic is stupid and clearly by an american who thinks putting black people everywhere is the kindest thing to do. the only reason they believe this is because they’re guilty for enslaving black people hundreds of years ago.
    the game isn’t american and it’s not set in america. it’s not even made for americans.

    such a dumb post, I know it’s joking but even considering that it’s freaking stupid.

  • Carlos Rodela

    Hey, as a Native it’s been few and far between since we were represented in games as a main character. We did have Prey and now this console cycle has given us some props via Second Son! Although, the main character is way more ‘totally dude’ than anything else. He does have that fighting spirit tho!

    • Asturias_Knytt

      “THIS IS TUROK!” xD

  • Rufus

    The swapped Snake for a girl in Metal Gear Solid 2 and the fans were not happy.

  • Ben Garrison

    If it ain’t white its not right.

  • Barking dog

    This is the stupidest thing I have read this week.

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Just wait until you watch Tony Blair’s interview.

      By the end your hand might be firmly stuck to your face.

  • Itz Pops

    you fucking kidding right lol

  • Johannna_L

    Are you asking for it???

  • Trim Dose

    yes please the game need to be redefine :D

  • Guest

    Wow, this is quite funny. When will White people and Hollywood quite trying to convince people they aren’t racist anymore? Race issue this, race issue that, this game is racist because, this movie is racist because, let’s give Precious a Oscar because she’s 400+ lbs and and she’s black but if we don’t give her one we will look racist.

    Just enough already. If someone really wants to make a race issue out of a Zelda game they need to just stay away from Video games in general. Unless it is a game where you are clearly playing as a member of the KKK and are hanging black people, shooting them, lynching them, ect there is no reason for any of this attention. It’s like a cry for help for an uninteresting person to try to become interesting.

    The reason racism is still around is because of people like this trying to cause a stir and controversy over stuff that’s not worth the time, effort, or energy.

    • Jaime Alexander Pecora

      I know right! I can’t stand people who have to correct every god damn thing and demand it forcefully. If companies these days don’t actively support social issues, they get threats, hence why you see more and more companies promoting gays, because if they don’t, they get demanded to. People should tolerate gays, but they shouldn’t be forced to agree with it, and that’s what gays are doing now. This is what is happening to Nintendo, the social justice warriors are giving them heat for little things that shouldn’t even be a big issue.

  • Thad Vanity

    Damn-them! I remember when Link was a Hispanic Grandma! True representation.


    /butsrsly!? I Hope this is joke. Otherwise all we have is more misplaced racial equality bullshit.


    “For too many years have the black community been underrespresented [sic] in the video game industry,” HAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • bubba485

    Technically, link is not even human, but a forest elf, and there are some stories saying that elvish beings have no gender at all.

  • miDnIghtEr20C

    This is ridiculous. Make him gay while they’re at it. A gay black Link.

    • reggin

      Make him a furry while your at it hahahaha!

  • dingo_egret

    I’m Black and even I think this is stupid. Thanks, but no thanks. Who are the idiots signing this anyway? Geez

    • twinspectre

      they’re Racist ;)

    • morpheousx

      Lair, you’re not black! you’re a white person, saying you’re black! Pathetic ass black sock puppet!

  • twinspectre

    why in the f* people are fucked up ?
    if you want a Woman then why don’t you buy Metroid since Samus is a Female

  • Mike Wikki

    A lot of games have the capability of changing the gender and appearance of the main character… wouldn’t be hard to do that for Zelda. I think deviation from success is the last thing Nintendo can afford to do at this point though and once you start giving in to these kinds of demands, you really have no recourse for rejecting the subsequent similar demands that will follow. I do understand though, as much as white male between 18-65 can, that other ethnicities must be frustrated with the similar direction with most games on the market.

  • Asturias_Knytt

    The last thing I want is Zelda to become a series that tries to be everything to everyone and Nintendo usually champion being different no matter what people think. They made a creative decision very early on to make Link male in the main canon. If the perceived lack of any strong female or gender-bent role models diminishes peoples’ enjoyment of the games then they need to air their opinion in a more constructive way rather than trying to sabotage a long running series, something that I don’t think anyone would be against, but to change the protagonist’s sex would detract from the iconic marketability of the character. Save that for a brand new video-game franchise. I hasten to emphasise that just because Link is male that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be gender ambiguous characters in future Nintendo games or even the supporting cast of Zelda Wii U [you could argue that Ghirahim is perhaps homosexual or bisexual in Skyward Sword], but to make such a change to Link, in my opinion, would just reek of a publicity stunt and pandering to a minority that don’t seem to have the best interests of the franchise at heart. Instead, they’re simply trying to push their agenda. All I’m hearing is ‘Link should be a girl, that would be really cool! and ‘I’d love to rescue a boy Zelda!’. Well that’s all well and good, but those seem like gimmicky twists instead of a true evolution of the Zelda mythos. I’ve yet to hear a solid suggestion by anyone where Link is a girl and the narrative doesn’t sound recycled in all its cliched glory. Why not make a completely separate spin-off series where there’s heroine instead? You could be a Gerudo warrior who defends her tribe against a new evil. I’d buy that. It could be like Tenchu/Bushido Blade, but in a Zelda-esque setting. What they really need to work on is the supporting cast of characters and do away with the stereotypical portrayal of a weak Princess Zelda who has no real significant input. She should be controlling armies of soldiers by now. Anyway, that’s what I think,

  • John Peterson

    more internet trolling. Link is white it’s not a racist thing … Link is a boy , it’s not a sexist thing …. would a fantasy game with a Black Female protagonist be fun , could be a blast …. but it’s not Nintendo’s fault they are making a zelda game …. I think it’s more racist / sexist to say that you are so uncomfortable with white males that you spend this much time petitioning Nintendo and seeking support to change the game. It’s like petitioning the next Super Mario Bro’s game because Mario should be a mechanic instead of a plumber it just does not make sense.

  • Fry


  • Asturias_Knytt

    This article should have a poll lol.

  • Stephane Mercier

    I don’t understand… Why is it that people want to change things so much? What purpose does it serve? I mean, as far as I know, there is no socially accepted slavery, or clear undermining of one specific gender. I believe a fair amount of people nowadays, like I, believe in equality.

    Why, WHY is it that we should have a black female as Link, or just a female Link, or just a black Link? I’m black myself, I recognize what people of our past did, for equality of races and genders, and that is a great gift to humanity but I ask myself, who is racist now? Is it such a strong feeling to scream to the world that you are black, or female, that you need to define it in the video games you play and enjoy?

    In the end, are you letting your sex or gender determine who you can be? I’m not talking of morale, culture or education here, I’m talking about before being a human first and foremost, you have to categorize yourself?

    Really, who’s racist now? I’m a human being, I appreciate all other human beings, and I believe that regardless of color or gender, ways to portray ourselves should be interpreted the same just for the fact of being HUMAN BEINGS.

    When I play LoZ, I don’t play: “Link, A man who’s destiny is to save a damsel in distress.”

    I play: “Link, A human (or elf) who’s destiny is to save the world from evil.”

    And Zelda is not just the character that happens to be a victim, she is an empowered woman, yes, that happens to be the leader of an entire nation where NO ONE in the game ever bashes her, if you want to be all pro *this* or pro *that*, how about recognizing that Nintendo empowers strong women being leaders of countries and whatnot. Doesn’t that count for something? Heck, even Peach doesn’t have a King, that never stopped her being an exemplary leader, look how Toadstools are devoted to her!

    So let’s pretend, if you play Link, a female who saves the universe, I most certainly hope that one would be okay if Ganondorf would turn out to be an extremely powerful female using her wits to take over the kingdom from mighty masculine Prince Zelda.

    But the only person that would be serviced from such a change are the few that activists who feel they need to portray themselves has a hero/heroine instead of Link, a light skinned boy (because is of elvish descent, not because he is a white supremacist geez!!) who happened to have a destiny, save the world. As if, playing any other human being is not good enough? (See my point when I ask who’s racist?)

    I, for one, like my classics the way they are, and I don’t see why they should be changed for anyone.

    And last, if I play a white character, great if he/she is well written. A black one? It’s all the same to me, and as for a female? I think you catch my drift.

    • morpheousx

      You’re full of shit! you’re not black, you’re a white person, saying your black.

      Another black sock puppet!

  • Jacob

    They’re not gonna change him into a nigger for your sake tumblr thots

  • Yan Zhao

    My response to this gag petition? In their own language: “Nigga please.”

  • Alicia Counter

    Seriously. These people are getting on my last nerve. He has always been white and a guy. He shouldn’t and won’t change. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. There are other games out there. Besides, Nintendo is in Japan. Japan is in Asia. Asians are white. The story revolves around a young hero (boy) who saves the world and mainly a princess (girl) hence “Legend of Zelda.” If they change Link, it would no longer be Zelda. It’d be something completely different. Honestly, it’s sexist and racist that these people want to change how it has been for almost 30 years.

    • vonblinden22

      Ummm… Asians aren’t white. They’re asian.

      • Alicia Counter

        Thanks. I was unaware that Asian was a color. :)

        • vonblinden22

          Well… Caucasians aren’t actually “white” either. “Black” people are brown, more often than not. Asians are, on average, darker than your average caucasian, but when referred to as a color, (ie: black, white, etc.) are often referred to as being “yellow”, but we all know that isn’t true either, but you could see where it comes from. But I just wouldn’t really consider them white. ;)

          • Alicia Counter

            Anyway, I think you see my point in my statement though, right?

    • morpheousx

      “Asians are white” wow, you’re a fucking moron! since when, Asians are white???? hahahaha

      • Alicia Counter

        I’ll give you credit for using the correct “you’re” but the “since when, Asians are white???,” needs work. :D *Since when are Asians white? :)

        Since I’ve seen white Asians. Not like white paper, you fucking idiots but like skin tone color white. Like European white. Or are they not white either? They’re not albino, but they’re white.


        You’re the fucking moron, lol. Thanks though!

        • morpheousx

          You’re full of shit, you were referring to Asians as white as in ethnic background.

          its obvious you’re trying to back peddle as you looked like a moron for thinking Asians were white.

          2nd, i don’t need you to, “give me credit” for my grammar and spelling.

          Its obvious that you tried to shame me in response to you looking like a complete moron, when i and the other poster, called you out on the most stupidest claim about Asians, ever!

          So you go on ahead, Mr. AOL spell checker….check my spelling and grammar…fucking moron!

          • Alicia Counter

            Have you not seen Asians? Preferably the ones from Japan and China? The fucking POINT is they’re not black. Can you not understand?

            You’re still the idiot getting all asshurt over this…

            I’m an idiot for “thinking” Asians are white? I know they are white as they appear. Just as black people are black as they appear. Or would you prefer African…because they’re not black.

            Yes, I tried to “shame” you. You’re the one who was offended. And this is the stupidest claim about Asians? Really? It seems to be that YOU are the one trying to cover your stupidity by calling me a moron for calling out Asians on their ethnic background…which isn’t false, they are indeed white.

            Yes, I do know there is more to a person than their skin color, but that is not the point. My original point still stands.

            I think the petitioner should’ve used “African” instead of “black” because some of you morons are easily offended over skin COLOR.

            I have Asian friends and a lot of them are white in skin color…that is the point. You want me to be more clear so you can understand? Fine, Link is Asian not African because there are more Japanese Asians in Japan/ Asia. There.

            Also, I am a girl, fucking idiot.


    It was started as a sarcastic joke for all the people who’ve been complaining lately about equality in video games. Like the whole Assassin’s Creed no female in Co op got blown way out of purportion. I think it’s because E3 coverage was over and everyone was talking about games and some people wanted to be different and bring up stuff that wasn’t really relvent. There are plenty of games that have diversity and to make a bug fuss over one game is pretty ridiculous.

  • Jeff Sugaski

    wow a white character in a European setting who would have freaking guessed

  • Guest420

    aslong as he won’t need no man

  • Rich Homie Agiri


  • Asdf

    Please don’t , just keep link as he currently is. The beloved young blonde protagonist many of us grew up with !

  • Garfield Tong

    I’ma slap a hoe who thinks that it be racist to have an iconic Cracker be forever Cracker.

  • Like a Boss

    You’re a discriminating garbage, Why a young black woman? perhaps you hate old people piece of shit?, and just a woman?, you always got to hang binary gender? where is the respect of the LGBTHFAMI (Lesbian,Gay,Bi,Trans,Herm,Furry,Autistic,Mentally Ill?) community, to be more inclusive Link should be a really old hermaphrodite mix of three races, mentally ill, with autism and fighting for not having a defined sexuality with a fasinacion and curious furry porn, also a brony, you are a insensible piece of shit.

  • Robert

    really? this is a joke i would not be playing if that was the case. you cant change link like that. and you cant call nintendo racist because they have made black pokemon trainers and they didnt have to so yeah. stick that in your pipe and smoke it

  • vonblinden22


  • guest

    Um, fuck no. I wish people would stop trying to change everything that has been the same for years. Like the black Nick Fury for instance. Like he did a reverse vitiligo disease. How do you explain it? It just doesn’t make any sense. Introduce new characters and leave the existing ones the fuck alone.

    • Asturias_Knytt

      Reverse vitiligo disease? lmfao!

  • Raka

    I’m black, female and have played alot of the Zelda games and I see no damn reason to change a characters gender and “race” to suit any damn body. We should be more worried about the quality and playability.of this game and nothing else.

    • morpheousx

      Liar…you’re white, not black. white black sock puppet alert!

  • Amigurumi Man

    “Don’t forget to make her a disabled lesbian at the same time; there’s nothing stopping them from swapping Epona for an all-terrain wheelchair and it means that they can keep Zelda female, too!”

    Taken from the Petition…

  • Mimi

    Im a black female, and I say NO! Seriously, Stop it! Like seriously, no, just no.
    Im all for diversity, but as a friend of mine who posted this story said, “create a whole new game” as in a new game with it’s own story line and it’s own franchise. The Legend of Zelda can stay the way it is.

    • morpheousx

      Liar, you’re not black. just another white person, posing as a black sock puppet! white people are so pathetic…

  • Shinzo_Ozuma

    Link is Link and has always been a white male, leave Link as a white male, no one black person has ever said hey I think Link should be a black female, give Link a black friend or something or add more black people to Zelda games as a whole just don’t change Link, Link is cool as Link is, better yet give Link a black companion that is female just don’t turn Link into a girl.

  • some guy

    I’m from Detroit and this is absolutely retarded.

  • Earline Gbg GodBabygirl


    • andrea mitchell

      what is a nintendo 2600?

    • morpheousx

      Another white person, playing as a “black sock puppet”. why are whites so pathetic, where they have to be deceptive by pretending to be a black person just to get across a supposed point of view?

  • Demetri328

    Stupid troll. Either Watabe is a clown or an idiot, if that is his real name. I’m a black gamer and only a tool would want to screw up a franchise because, “there is no blacks in games.” Damn trolls trying to screw things up.

    • morpheousx

      Lyin fucker. you’re not black just by the way you worded that sentence. No black person would say anything close to what you just said. pathetic black sock puppet! Its obvious you’re a white person, playing the, “i’m black and yada yada yada…card.” As if all blacks are monolithic and all think the same and have the same opinion on everything. That’s what the, “I’m black” disclaimer suggests.

  • St. Louis Wrestling


  • anonymous

    Too sensitive.
    Link is a Hyrean, not even a human.
    White? Black? Yellow? Green? Purple? What colors do you want more?

  • Joe Vosberg

    So they want black people more represented in the video game industry? Do they not remember Barret? Sheva and Josh? Dee Jay? Not to mention Nabooru (More middle eastern though, but still.)

  • Totosai Khaled

    that what came in my mind right now LOL.

  • andrea mitchell

    we need a new mike tysons punch out game with mike tyson as a white buliemic skinny blonde haired blue eyed aryan female character

  • midnax

    Link and The Legend of Zelda have nothing to do with being “white” at all. Link is an icon, and I personally don’t believe that he should change at all. I love the games, and more importantly the protagonist, exactly how it, and he is. A Zelda game isn’t a Zelda game without our Link. He’s what makes the games as amazing as they are, even though the namesake is the princess and not him.

    • midnax

      To add to my point, I don’t think he should be female at all, either. Not because I hate women, but because Link is who he is for a ****ing reason. Okay, rant over.


    FUCK U

  • allen hileman

    no just no i was appaulled by perry white being black in man of steel pissed by whoopie goldberg being aprils boss in ninja turtles and disheartened by marvel giving thor a woman now im not against african americans or transgendered folk but changing an established character that mutch is wrong just wrong and whats worse i hear they are thinking about an all female ghostbusters 3 they must want to waste millions of dollars on a failed movie because that is nonsence extreme ghostbusters was cool something like that would work but i never want to see a black link unless they give us create a hero where we can make link young or old black or white male female or transgender beard no beard short or tall fat or skinny you get my point create a hero would solve this and bePRETTY COOL MY LINK WOULD BE TRANSGENDERD SINCE IM TO AFRAID TO LIVE THAT WAY IN REAL LIFE :’-(

  • Sirmoogle

    And also be autistic, obese, have 3000 headmates, and be a woman. That is the ultimate oppressed individual out there who will warm the holes in the chests of SJWs where their hearts used to be.

  • LarryBundyJr

    Cultural Appropriation is also flavour of the month for SJWs. You can never use anyone elses culture in anything as it opresses and mocks them at the same time.

    That’s assassins creed screwed then.

  • andrea mitchell

    yup, a furry and a brony horse fu(ker(OOT,epona) too, link confirmed for libtard SJW MLP f@g