Friendly Fire Cast 025: A look back at Nintendo’s GameCube

Friendly Fire Cast 025: A look back at Nintendo's GameCube

Ben, Leo, Tano and Steve get together with beers and a GameCube this week and wax lyrical about the Nintendo of old.

They also find out that nostalgia might be putting some rose-coloured glasses over their memories of Timesplitters 2.

Secret Sound

We have a new sound for you this week, with Game and Wario on Wii U, plus a copy of Jack Reacher on DVD up for grabs. Post your guess in the comments section (on MMGN or Stevivor), on Facebook or via email to [email protected]. Good luck!

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  • Dave Haldane

    The Gamecube was a peice of crap. Lol. Surprised to hear a bunch of guys who seem to hate what Nintendo are doing today praising them for doing it of old :D