Friday diversion: You know, you don’t need to email me these things, guys…

I get some interesting stuff coming through on email. Most of the time, it's a great tip from a reader regarding breaking news, or an amazing sale... but, sometimes, I get something that's almost beyond description.

Like what showed up the other day from a reader named Kon.

Now, I've censored the image I received so I could place it above... but I got the full-fledged deal in my inbox. And I opened it up at work on my 27" monitor. I'm VERY glad no one was walking by at the time.

For you, fair readers, I'll attach the real image behind the censored one, if you really, really want to see it. I've linked back to the image's original source (or as near as I can tell, anyways... that was a fun twenty minutes going through Tumblr, let me tell you!) so as to not be harbouring a slash image of THQ IP on servers.

Seriously, people -- words cannot express how NSWF following the link will be.

So yeah. For the record: thanks for sending an email though, Kon -- but I'm good without getting things like this in the future.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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