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EPOS H6PRO open acoustic gaming headset review: It fits!


We’re in the middle of the silly season, with more games to play and review and than time on our hands. To be very honest, the only reason I agreed to review EPOS’ new H6PRO headset this time of year was because I unfortunately had to slam one of its latest ones, the H3 closed acoustic headset.

EPOS promised me that this headset would fit my head (read: my giant ears), and thankfully the company was right.

I seemingly have to pay for the privilege, though — a step up from the H3 headset at $179.95 AUD, the H6PROs retail for $259.00 AUD. With that added prices comes more colour variation, at least — you can opt for Ghost White (I did), Racing Green or Sebring Black, all seen below. As with previous EPOS offerings, a standard 3mm jack means the unit will connect with your platform of choice, be that Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, PS4, PS4, Switch, PC, Mac or even mobile (if you have an adapter depending on your handset). A PC cable also provides further options for the self-described master race.

The step-up in price does mean there are some features on the H6PROs not possible with H3s — its microphone can be removed and a cover plate inserted in its place. They’re replaceable, of course, alongside cables and earpads.

No matter the colour, the H6PRO features a simple matte design with eight sizing notces on each side of its headband; when extended, the headband reveals a silver inner insert with numbered marks that show how large or small you’ve made it. A small volume control dial is inset on the outside of the right-side earcup. The wired headset features no power or muting buttons of any kind; its left-side boom mic can be placed in extended or retracted positions, with the latter muting your voice in-game or in-call. As we’ve already mentioned, you can fully remove the microphone if you don’t need it (after testing, I did this and plugged the unit into my B20 when I needed to engage in voice communication on my PC).

Like the H3, the H6PRO is phenomenally light; coupled with very soft earcups, it’s a delight to use when gaming, on Zoom calls or doing anything in between. As I’ve already mentioned, the H6PROs actually fit around my ears this time rather than folding them up or uncomfortably resting upon them.

In terms of actual audio quality, the H6PROs are solid all-rounders with decent range, clear & crisp and competent bass (especially when using the EPOS PC equaliser). The same level of quality goes for the H3’s mic; while it’s certainly acceptable, it’s nothing to overly praise or complain about. There’s a little adjustable section upon it that means it can be moved towards or away from your mouth to your liking, though you at times run the risk of fully removing the mic from the headset doing this if you’re too forceful.

The H6PRO on-ear volume control is easier to use than the same style dial on the H3s. The dial remains the same size, but seems to be more fluid, requiring less force to spin it.

I must say that I appreciate EPOS’ open headset more than I did its closed; the former allows for more background sound to creep in, so you’re more aware of your surroundings.

As an everyday device on Xbox or on PC via my B20 mic, the H6PROs work well. Like the H3s, though, a 2m audio cable limits the headset’s usefulness on PC depending on where your tower is placed compared to your keyboard. I’ve already brought up the fact that my ol’ trusty Astros have a longer cable that provides great freedom; with the increase in price with this unit compared to its older brother, I wish little enhancements like this would have also been offered. After all, EPOS seemed to incorporate fixes to most other problems I brought up with the H3s.

Cabling aside, the H6PROs are a decent option for those of you looking for a new headset. They’ve got amazing sound, but that comes with a price tag to match.

Not quite

The good

  • Lightweight and comfortable (and it’s earcups fit my giant ears!)
  • Simple design.
  • Works great across multiple devices (though I’d still like a longer cable).
  • Equaliser options on PC.

The bad

  • On-ear volume control is less fiddly than before, but still needs work.
  • Audio cable mightn’t be long enough for some.

The EPOS H6PRO open acoustic gaming headset was reviewed using a promotional unit (provided by the manufactured) on a Windows PC desktop and laptop, Xbox Series X and iOS. Click here to learn more about Stevivor’s scoring scale.

Technical specifications

  • Driver size: 42 mm
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 28 Ohm
  • Sound pressure level (Closed/Open): 111/117 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 V RMS
  • THD (Closed/Open): <0.7/0.5 % @ 1 kHz, 1 V RMS
  • Microphone: detachable, lift-to-mute bidirectional, 10 – 10,000 Hz, -35 dBV/PA
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Accessories included: Audio cable

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