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Preview: Project P-100 (The Wonderful 101)

Up in Nintendo’s preview area, I had a chance to go hands-on with the Wii U launch title Project P-100. Having never heard a word about the title before picking up the Wii U gamepad, I was pleasantly surprised.

Project P-100 is a Platinum Games title with a relatively simple premise, almost Pikmin-like in nature. You play as a Superhero who controls a group of townspeople as they charge through a city, ridding it from an evil menace. Together, your group can form weaponised shapes such as a sword, a first or pistol. You need power to form those shapes, however, so you’ll spend time button mashing baddies to gain said energy. Once you’ve cleared out an area, you can collect other townspeople to include in your posse and strengthen your attacks.

The Wii U functionality comes into play with the gamepad’s touchscreen; you’ll use it to draw shapes to become your group-formations.

There’s not much more too it, but it’s definitely not a mini-game, which is refreshing to see when looking at what will be available for Nintendo’s new console at launch (similarities to Pikmin 3 aside). It’s a title aimed at children, but perfectly good fun for those of use with a little more age on us.

As mentioned earlier, Project P-100 will be available at the Wii U’s launch.


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