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Preview: 007 Legends


Heading to the Activision booth, I got the chance to experience a hands-off of Eurocom’s 007 Legends.

Previewers were treated to gameplay from the recently revealed “Moonraker” mission, one of five classic multi-chaptered episodes based on James Bond’s movie exploits, to then be followed by one piece of DLC chronicling the newest film, Skyfall007 Legends‘ “Skyfall” DLC content will be free and released after the game (and the Skyfall film itself) is released.

Eurocom introduced the game by saying, “We wanted to put a lot more into the experience of being a spy.” To prove that point, we were then shown 007 Legends’ stealth options. Like most games of the genre, you can choose to be stealthy or run around guns blazing. If you choose stealth, you’ll stick to shadows and use your smartphone (all games are set in current day and with Daniel Craig’s Bond, so don’t expect to have “Moonraker” equipment from 1979) to hack into security systems in order to unlock doors and power down cameras.

Like in Metal Gear Solid, the baddies will have vision cones on your HUD, so you can see if you’re in their line of sight for stealth purposes. Armed with his trusty pen (courtesy of Q, I’d imagine), we watched as James took down several enemies non-lethally via a pen-fired tranquilliser dart. After dropping bodies right in other’s lines of sight, an alarm was activated, and James had to take on tougher, armoured thugs. Again, it felt very much like Metal Gear Solid  in a first-person shooter, but that’s not a bad thing.

James then snuck into the lair of Drax (the chief baddie in Moonraker, if you’ll recall) to record evidence of his wrong doing. With each kill and every achieved objective, James earned XP that can allow you upgrade gadgets for multi- and single-player play.

We then got our first look at Jaws, one of James’ iconic villains. There was spectacle in the confrontation, but it was mostly a cutscene with a few interactive quicktime events thrown in for good measure. On the whole, the sequence was a bit disappointing. You eventually got to pick up a melee weapon and take Jaws for a brief period, but I would have enjoyed more control in the affair.

Look for the title on 16 October on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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