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Video game voice actors are considering a strike for better conditions

GameInformer today reports that video game voice actors are considering a strike. And not the fun Destiny kind, either.

SAG-AFTRA, the union representing video game voice actors, says that back end bonuses are a key issue surrounding actors’ contract terms.

“We’re asking for a reasonable performance bonus for every 2 million copies, or downloads sold, or 2 million unique subscribers to online-only games, with a cap at 8 million units/subscribers,” the union stated on its FAQ page. “That shakes out, potentially, to FOUR bonus payments for the most successful games: 2 million, 4 million, 6 million and 8 million copies.”

The union is also looking for stunt pay for those voice actors who are put in vocally stressful situations alongside stunt coordinators for those actors who are involved in motion capture.

SAG-AFTRA members are currently voting on whether or not to strike over the issue. Several big name performers have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter:

75% of SAG-AFTRA members will have to vote yes on the strike before action is taken.

We’ll keep you informed on the progress of this matter.


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