Synthetic Lover is a sci-fi themed gay visual novel on Kickstarter


Farming not your style?

Synthetic Lover is the latest gay adult visual novel to seek crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Unlike the farming-related ones we’ve been covering of late, this one’s a sci-fi game.

“In the year of 2066, biologically engineered humanoids known as ‘biots’ make up a large percentage of the workforce,” the game’s description reads. “The protagonist of Synthetic Lover is one such biot and, like the rest of his colleagues, he lives to serve a single purpose – to fulfil his pre-programmed vocation. In his case, that’s to be a companion in an adult entertainment center known as Dollhouse.”

Moreover, a demo is avaliable on both Windows PC and Mac, available for download here. Why not try before you buy, er support.

You can check out Synthetic Lover below — we’re getting some erotic Detroit: Become Human vibes from it. Should you choose to support the title, you can visit its Kickstarter page here.