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Here’s the latest batch of Nintendo NX rumours


The latest wave of Nintendo NX rumours have hit the internet, this time coming from a source with a proven of correct leaks.

Speaking with Dual Pixels, the source said the NX will sport an HDMI dongle that will let it stream to whatever it’s plugged into. The streaming will be an advanced version of the tech currently used to stream to and from the Wii U GamePad.

The NX will support Bluetooth sync, the source continued, meaning players will be able to use their phone from the NX controller itself. The NX is said to be comparable to the Xbox One, spec-wise, with haptic feedback analogue sticks.

The source concluded by saying the NX has been designed to be easy to use, looking like a cross between a Nintendo and Samsung product.

That same source has provided correct leaks on the PS4, Microsoft’s HoloLens and more. Is the source right about the NX? Only time will tell.

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