How long does it take to finish Darksiders Genesis?


Alongside a count of the total amount of levels in the game.

Darksiders Genesis heads to Windows PC and Stadia on 5 December, and ahead of the game’s release, its developer has detailed the average amount of time it will take to complete the game.

According to developer Airship Syndicate (via The Escapist), Darksiders Genesis will take around 15 hours to complete from start to finish. Players will be able to play the game switching between the original Darksiders War alongside newcomer Strife all throughout.

How many levels are there in Darksiders Genesis?

Airship Syndicate also detailed how many levels there are in Darksiders Genesis: 11 levels total. All up, the game has five major boss fights.

Each level can be replayed to grind resources.

Easy as that, eh? Darksiders Genesis heads to Windows PC and Google Stadia on 5 December 2019, followed by a release on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch on 14 February 2020.