Destiny 2 Haunted Forest confirmed for Festival of the Lost 2019


By a pair of old emblems, too.

The Destiny 2 Haunted Forest event has been outed for the Festival of the Lost 2019 by a pair of in-game emblems ahead of a full reveal.

The two emblems in question — Terror’s End and Deep in the Woods — were issued to players as part of the 2018 event as part of the Haunted Forest special event. They’ve recently been updated to track 2019 progress alongside 2018 progress, as you can see above.

Introduced last year, the Haunted Forest is an event in which players enter a spooky version of the Infinite Forest, tasked to take out waves of enemy Nightmares. Completing waves will take you to a tough boss; beating the boss will start you all over again.

Bungie’s confirmed that the Festival of the Lost 2019 will take place over 30 October to 20 November here in Australia; one can assume the Haunted Forest will be available all throughout.

Destiny 2 is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 and heads to Stadia next month.