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Cyberpunk 2077’s R18+ classification explained by the ACB

There's full frontal female nudity, but no mention of full frontal male nudity...

Cyberpunk 2077‘s R18+ classification here in Australia has been detailed by the Australian Classification Board (ACB).

The title is said to have high impact themes, with high impact sex and violence topping the list. In terms of sex, the ACB noted scantily-clad females with both “breast and buttock” shown; while “full frontal female nudity” was mentioned, there wasn’t a reference to full frontal male nudity.

In the violence front, the ACB noted that guns cause “generous blood mists and sprays, and may also result in the severing of limbs and, in some cases, decapitations.” Moreover, guns can damage NPCs after they’re already dead.

“Corpses may also be eviscerated if the player uses an automatic weapon, with large mists of blood rising and, in some cases, stylised injury detail including bone and entrails being visible,” the ACB continued.

More Cyberpunk 2077 information is coming June as part of a livestream coinciding with Summer Game Fest.

Cyberpunk 2077 is scheduled for a 17 September release on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. A Stadia release will follow where available in 2020; a next-gen release on Xbox Series X and PS5 is planned for 2021.


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