CockVille gets limited time hunk Devon thanks to new update


We've got all his responses too if you want to speed things along.

CockVille, the erotic gay farming simulator that’s part of Nukatu’s LGBTIQ offerings, has added a limited-time hunk named Devon to the mix.

Players who are level 12 and over can access Devon between 1-8 August, the game’s creators recently advised.

Devon is described as “a mysterious creature from the deep” with fish legs… and um, something sticking out from the bottom of his short-shorts. (We’ve obviously cropped off the photo before that bit.) He seems like a bit of an Aussie to us… but if Australians were half-fishmen? I dunno.

CockVille Devon responses

To help out with the limited-time event, here are all possible Devon question and answers.

  • Do you like swimming? I want to learn deep diving one day.
  • Any stress here in Cockville? Cockville is a safe place for sexual experimentation. No stress here.
  • Naming my cock. Any good ideas? Desmond. So you can be like a frisky superhero duo: D&D.
  • Would you be willing to visit my Undersea kingdom? Sure, I would jump at the opportunity to see it.
  • Would you like to me to teach you to swear in my language? How do you say, “Fuck me till I scream”?
  • I’m feeling insecure. A compliment might give me the boost I need. Your huge cock is a lure I can’t resist.
  • You wouldn’t believe what I found on your internet. What’s with the human obsession with human-size furry animals? You mean furries? That’s nothing! Search for underwater water sports” to see some really weird shit.
  • Internet kept me awake all night. The horrors I’ve seen. What is it with humans and soap operas? “The Living Rich” is my favourite! Have you seen it?

CockVille is currently available on PC and Android and can be downloaded as a standalone app if you don’t want to access Nutaku’s website in order to play.