A 15-minute Stone walkthrough explains what the f*ck it is


Strap yourself in.

Stone’s Convict Games has today released a 15-minute walkthrough of the game, chronicling the first three of its parts.

Convict’s Greg Louden narrates the playthrough, below — and it basically mirrors the demo that Stevivor got to play a couple months ago at the game’s announcement.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stone, we can easily get you up to speed: it’s a self-described “hip-hop stoner noir adventure” that stars the titluar Stone, a koala who sets off to find his missing partner (and “chookie”), Alex. Stone’s a private investigator by trade, which is pretty useful considering his current circumstances, eh?

We’ll have more on Stone as it becomes available. Convict Games revealed in the video that we can expect the title next week on both Windows PC and Mac.