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Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour “Midnight” demo: Here’s what’s new, including endings and ghost giggles

The Resident Evil 7 demo has been updated a second time, and there’s new stuff to uncover (and be terrified by).

Here’s what we’ve found so far, now with help from Reddit. Feel free to update in the comments area, below — but be warned: spoilers lie ahead.

  • You can now open the door at the end of the first hallway. Doing so puts you in an entirely different area of the house.
  • The first door to the right in the new area is a bathroom, with a creepy, blood-filled toilet, a blood-filled bathtub (complete with bicycle) and handgun ammo in a drawer.
  • There’s a handgun in the toilet, but you can’t get to it without draining the toilet. There’s a spot for a valve handle near the toilet.
  • At the end of the hallway in the new area, there’s an blank notebook.
  • There’s more handgun ammo on a ledge at the end of the new hallway.
  • Using the basement key will get you into the boiler room. It has a lockpick. There’s also more handgun ammo on the stairs.
  • The lockpick will also let you get the axe from the kitchen drawer without using the VHS tape to go back in time.
  • If you pick up the empty notebook, play around with the message written on the attic wall:
  • Past the boiler room, the valve handle is in the basement. It also contains a key that unlocks the attic window so you can escape.
  • When something terrifying happens — and it will — you can kick the door down with two kicks:
  • There are two new endings (apart from dying, really): the infected ending, and the true ending. We’ll post both here as they’re recorded.

The five ghost giggles & murder sites

There are five dead souls, or ghosts, that are alluded to in the demo. The blank notebook is needed to gain clues as to their whereabouts.

Here’s how you can trigger the ghosts and their giggles:

  • First giggle: Go to the text written in blood on a wall inside the attic.
  • Second giggle: “Second giggle is beside a door you can’t escape from (a dead end).” – NeoGAF
  • Third giggle: Look at the picture of the bagged lady on the stairs to trigger it. You may need to use the axe on the picture.
  • Fourth giggle: “Stand in front of the mirror by the stairs and do a quick turn.” –NeoGAF
  • Fifth giggle: A doll on the basement floor.

The giggles work with their associated murder scenes, and that’ll provide you with a special coin that can be transferred to the main game. You can get far more details on that process here.

Infected ending

True ending

We’ve already covered what happened in the first demo, and what’s changed in the first update.

The demo is out now on PS4 and heads to Xbox One and PC later in the month.


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