Is this Destiny 2’s first loot cave?


Guardians have found what appears to be Destiny 2‘s first loot cave, offering up around 60 Nessus Tokens per hour.

The Tokens can be traded in to Nessus’ Failsafe for Legendary Engrams once you’ve hit level 20 in-game.

Here’s how to use the loot cave, thanks to PlayStation Trophies.

Pretty simple, right? Get a loot chest to spawn, open it and then use the Chamber of Sky’s teleporter to game the system, quickly leaving and returning to the same area to collect the same chest.

Any other easy ways to level or Power up that you’ve found? Leave ’em for fellow Guardians in the comments area, below.

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. It heads to PC in October.