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Resident Evil 7 guide: How to get both endings in Daughters inside the Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC


Resident Evil 7′s latest DLC, “Banned Footage Vol. 2” is now available on PS4, and we’ve both endings for its Daughters mode.

The mission is largely the same until a branch at the end. Spoilers ahead, obviously — and yes, we’ll have you do things at the start that you mightn’t need to do, depending on the ending you’re after, but it’s easiest that way.

Getting to the bad-true fork

  • After the cutscene, go to the laundry room and grab the change of clothes. Exit via the crawlspace.
  • In the crawlspace, head towards the pantry. Get the lockpick on the way.
  • Go upstairs and into the bathroom. Use the lockpick to get the Small Component.
  • Head to Lucas’ room and, after the cutscene, use the Small Component on the Trophy in the corner of the room.
  • Head up into the attic, read the note and use the laptop. The code is 1019.
  • Go downstairs and interact with Evie. Then go downstairs and do the same with Lucas. Head back upstairs and find Mama Marguerite.
  • Leave the bathroom when told to and head to the garage. Get the rope.
  • Head back upstairs and hide in the Recreation Room. Use the rope to tie the door shut.
  • Go to Grandma’s room and get the fork.
  • Use the fork on the Recreation Room’s boarded windows, then head onto the balcony.
  • Head right and make note of the red box — squeeze through the narrow opening to its right to get to it.
  • you can’t get that yet. There should be an opening to your right; go through it. Get the Dog Head Relief.
  • Go back through the narrow opening and rip the covering off the hole to head back to the hallway.
  • Go downstairs and to the main hall. The fork in the road now presents itself.

Bad ending

  • Avoid Marguerite and go back towards the Kitchen. Marguerite will give you keys to her car.
  • To avoid Jack, head back to the laundry room and the crawlspace. Get the broken bottle on the way to the garage.
  • Head to the garage, watch the cutscene and use the keys on the car. Voila!

True ending

  • You can get the car keys as above, but you won’t need them. Use the Dog Head Relief on the Main Hall door and head to the Yard. Go to the Trailer.
  • Find the trailer’s guest. Examine the note and the item Mia’s holding. Voila again!

There are Achievements or Trophies to be had in both endings:

  • Butterfly Effect (Bronze Trophy or 20 gamerscore): Get the bad ending in Daughters.
  • One Instinct: Survival (Silver Trophy or 40 gamerscore): Get the true ending in Daughters.

Resident Evil 7 is now available on Windows PC and Xbox One as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, and PS4 with PS VR Support. PS4 users gain access to DLC first.

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