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Watch Dogs 2’s Human Condition DLC is out today on PS4


The second DLC pack for Watch Dogs 2Human Conditions, will launch for PlayStation 4 later today. It will follow on Xbox One and Windows PC on March 23.

It adds three new DedSec operations, an elite co-op mode and a new technologically advanced enemy called the Jammer. Ubisoft estimates Human Conditions adds an additional five hours of content to Watch Dogs 2, and outlines the plot of the three operations below.


[blockquote style=”1·        Automata revolves around Nudle’s new smart car, the CyruX, which uses biometric data both as a security measure and to adapt itself to the driver. But is that really all it does with a user’s personal information? DedSec sees the potential for abuse right away and sets out to expose it.[/blockquote]

[blockquote style=”1·        Bad Medicine follows the trail of a dangerous ransomware that has crippled the city’s hospitals; as Marcus and his crew dig deeper to stop this menace, they will cross paths with deadly hitman Jordi Chin and form an unlikely alliance against the Russian mafia.[/blockquote]

[blockquote style=”1·        Caustic Progress unveils a strange new company called RenSense that is experimenting with dangerous nanotech on the Bay Area’s homeless. It has caught the attention of bio-hacker Lenni, who claims that their mobile clinics for the homeless hide very troubling human experiments. With her help, DedSec sets out to stop this madness.[/blockquote]

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