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Stallion83 prioritises sex over retention of the world’s highest Gamerscore


Ray ‘Stallion83’ Cox, the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s largest Gamerscore, has lost the title during his honeymoon.

Cox now sits in second position behind Canadian Stephen ‘smrnov’ Rowe, who at the time of writing has earned 1,592,890 Gamerscore to Cox’s 1,588,219.

Ever the patriot, Rowe became the world’s highest Gamerscore holder on 4 July this week — otherwise known as Canada Day to Canucks. He previously reached 1,000,000 Gamerscore live at an Xbox Canada fan expo held in Toronto.

Taking to his TrueAchievements blog, Rowe was quite humble.

“First off, thanks to everyone who sent messages of congrats, I appreciate it. I think it surprised most of you and myself really as it was never my goal to overtake Stallion83. Since being #1 in TA for a while now (maybe 1 year?) I was sitting on a bunch of easy games while inching closer in gamerscore. Couple that with a 5-day long weekend with no distractions it was as good a time as ever to try,” he wrote.

“I’m pleased that I could snag #1 even if it may be short-lived by not changing my play style, which is completing games. That has always been my goal and still is what keeps me playing. I didn’t want to start a bunch of games for the points, I wanted to maintain the way I have always played. Hats off to Stallion though, after almost 3 days of me playing sub 5 hour games he was still managing to stay ahead.”

Meanwhile, Cox — who Stevivor has previously interviewed on the subject of Gamerscore and Achievements — has taken his new position in stride. In fact, his reason for losing an 11-year record is about the best anyone could offer:

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Rowe says he won’t be applying to Guinness World Records to take Stallion83’s title… but he’ll hopefully be awarded a lifetime Xbox Live subscription for his feat like Cox.