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Old Time Hockey has NHL 94-style cheesy goals


While developer V7 Entertainment says Old Time Hockey is more Slap Shot than NHL ’94, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking the cheesy goals found in the latter.

We sat down with V7’s Mike Torillo to discuss the possibility of easy goals, as found in hockey staples NHL ’94 and Blades of Steel, inside OTH. After all, which 90s kid doesn’t remember playing against the friend that could only score using the glitch goal he’d spent hours perfecting before you went over to his house?

“There are definitely two or three different trademark Old Time Hockey goals that come to mind,” Torillo confessed. “But to be honest, we didn’t necessarily chase those types of goals, it just happened with the 70s stand-up style goaltending.

“There are just some bad spots and we may or may not have consciously left them in.”

Torillo also said Old Time Hockey presents plenty of new ways to score – and potentially piss off a friend playing beside you in couch co-op.

“We all have our own ways of scoring on the different goalies in the Bush League,” he said. “The great thing is we have been able to score really pretty goals and some really ugly Old Time Hockey Bush League certified goals.

“For example, you can instigate a goalie and while he is jawing at the instigator, you can score on the empty cage! That is my personal favourite.”

Old Time Hockey heads to PC and PS4 in March, followed by releases on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at later dates. Stay tuned for more with V7’s Torillo and Director Karthik Venkateshan.