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For Honor: Play it to “wake up the warrior inside of you”, says Creative Director


Simply put, For Honor Creative Director Jason VandenBerghe just wants you to play his game.

“One thing that for me is I think the most satisfying is the way that people react when they play [For Honor],” he said to Stevivor earlier in the week.

“The game is like VR in some ways as it makes combatants on contact, right? I think our whole press here has been, ‘just play it, just play it.’

“What I love the most about it is watching people go from ‘well, okay, I think I’m going to give this a try,’ to hollering warriors in 10 to 15 minutes,” VandenBerghe said with a laugh.

“That is just fantastic because that was the whole point — to wake up the warrior inside of you. That was the goal, so to see that happen again and again and again; that is what I wanted to do, like that was the plan.”

To VandenBerghe, the plan is working.

“I’m just amazed by how many Knights, Vikings and Samurais there are lurking around in this world right now, right? I knew there was a lot of us but there is a lot. Like there is a lot of people who really respond positively to this and I’ve just been delighted by this response.

“That is just the best thing for me. I want this art to spread and flourish and if 1% of the players decide to pick up a weapon and go and see what it’s like [in real life]; to go and train at a dojo, I’d love it.”

For Honor makes an appearance at Sydney’s EB Expo this weekend. It’ll be available from 14 February on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

We’ve previewed the game’s 4v4 Dominion mode here, and its single-player campaign here. Expect our thoughts on 1v1 Duel mode shortly.

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