Review: Assassin’s Creed


Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live games are miniature-sized, so they get miniature-sized reviews. Say goodbye to ‘meh’ – features are either cool or shite. The next game to get the mini treatment is Assassin’s Creed by Ubisoft.

The cool: If you like the Assassin’s Creed series, you’ll most likely enjoy this HD-enhanced iPhone port. The story itself is actually quite good and is a major improvement over the series first instalment. While this game isn’t essential to understand the series, it is a good side-story.

The shite: Some games just shouldn’t be made for a mobile; this is one of them. You control Altair (from AC1) via a left-hand thumbstick for movement and right-hand buttons for jumping and attacking.

If your control scheme means you’ve constantly got two hands blocking the screen in order to control your character, you’re doing something wrong. This phone has a touch screen and accelerometers; they should have be used in an innovative way; the developer should not be trying to transform your phone into a traditional controller.

The most annoying thing about this game BY FAR is that whenever you start to play it, you’re forced to watch a 45 second introduction video before the game even starts to load. You can’t skip it. You can’t avoid it. Why?

Overall, only die-hard Assassin’s Creed fans or achievement hunters should pick up this title. Anyone else will find it hard to control, frustrating to launch, and a general waste of time.

Note: I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.