Pokémon Quest microtransactions range from $2.99 to $17.99 USD


Good value?

Pokémon Quest is now available to download on Nintendo Switch, and details of its microtransactions are too.

A total of nine add-ons are available for the title, with the most expensive clocking in at $17.99 USD.

The add-ons are as follows:

  • Expedition Pack ($4.99 USD)
  • Great Expedition Pack ($9.99 USD)
  • Ultra Expedition Pack (17.99 USD)
  • Broadburst Stone ($2.99 USD)
  • Scattershot Stone ($2.99 USD)
  • Sharing Stone ($2.99 USD)
  • Stay Strong Stone ($2.99 USD)
  • Wait Less Stone ($2.99 USD)
  • Whack-Whack Stone ($2.99 USD)

The most expensive microtransaction, the Ultra Expedition Pack, contains the following:

  • Cooking pot: Increases the number of dishes you can cook at the same time by one.
  • Ultra Ball Model: Increases the number of PM Tickets received as a service for members by 40.
  • Pikachu Arch: Increases the maximum battery charges by one.
  • Gengar Balloon: Doubles the drop rate of all ingredients.
  • Snorlax Lounger: Doubles the Exp. received from expeditions.
  • PM Tickets +100 (one-time bonus)
  • Lv. 1 Snorlax with a special move (one-time bonus)

We’re unable to confirm Aussie pricing at this time.

What do you make of Pokémon Quest’s microtransactions? The title is available now on Nintendo Switch and heads to smartphones in June.