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Avengers’ in-game currency, cosmetic costs in real money

Break out dat wallet.

Avengers early access is on now, and Stevivor has used it to confirm both the real-world cost of in-game currency and the pricing on a number of cosmetics.

Avengers‘ in-game currency is called “Credits” and costs the following:

  • 500 Credits: $7.45 AUD
  • 2,000 Credits (plus 200 bonus Credits): $29.95 AUD
  • 5,000 Credits (plus 1,000 bonus Credits): $ 79.95 AUD
  • 10,000 Credits (plus 3,000 bonus Credits): $149.95 AUD

Here’s a handful of in-game cosmetics alongside their cost in Credits:

  • Ms Marvel Legendary outfit: 1,400 Credits ($19.06 AUD)
  • Ms Marvel Epic takedown: 1,200 Credits ($16.34 AUD)
  • Ms Marvel Epic emote: 500 Credits ($7.45 AUD)
  • Ms Marvel Rare emote: 250 Credits ($3.73 AUD)
  • Ms Marvel Uncommon nameplate: 100 Credits ($1.49 AUD)

As previously detailed, each of Avengers’ free heroes will also have an optional $10 USD Challenge Card upon release.

What do you make of in-game currency and cosmetic costs?

Avengers heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia where available from 4 September, though some will play from 1 September. A release on Xbox Series X and PS5 follow later in the year. We previewed it here.


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