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Star Trek: Bridge Crew: All PlayStation VR Trophies detailed

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is about to hit PC (Vive, Oculus Rift) and PS4 (PSVR), and we’ve a full listing of the game’s Trophies and Achievements here.

There’s an assortment of Trophies to earn, each with a name that brings some aspect of Trek canon to mind. Most are relatively easy to earn as well… through the no-win Kobyashi Maru scenario might make a Platinum difficult.

Better yet, since logging into Uplay is mandatory, each Trophy or Achievement below will earn you XP and currency within the Ubisoft Club, allowing you to buy wallpapers, soundtracks and other in-game content across a range of Ubisoft titles on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The full list of Trophies is below:


  • Second star to the right: Obtain all the Trophies.


  • Live long and prosper: Complete all campaign missions and one of each Ongoing Voyages type
  • Careful, she’s brand new…: Complete a mission with less than 10% Hull Integrity
  • No-Win Scenario: Rescue at least 120 people in the stand-alone Kobayashi Maru mission
  • Fire everything we’ve got!: Survive a battle against three or more hostile ships


  • Nuclear Wessels!: Finish a mission without using torpedoes
  • Out of your Vulcan mind: Finish a mission without using the shields once
  • Out there…thataway!: Finish a mission using the original bridge
  • Space: The final frontier: Visit every start system in The Trench
  • Because you are my friend: Play 6 missions with friends online
  • Beam me up, Scotty: Successfully transport 30 people
  • This is not Klingon blood: Destroy 5 non-Klingon ships
  • She cannae take any more!: As the Engineer, Repair 15 systems
  • Qapla’!: Destroy 20 Klingon ships
  • We’re going down, or they are…: Destroy a ship using only torpedoes
  • Where No One Has Gone Before: Complete an Ongoing Voyages mission
  • Warp speed: Perform 5 warps as a Helmsman or Engineer


  • Welcome to the crew, Ensign: Complete a task in the training scenario
  • I’m an Engineer, not a doctor: Complete a mission as Engineer
  • I dare you to do better…: Complete a mission as Captain
  • I’m a Helmsman, not a doctor: Complete as mission as Helm
  • I’m Tactical, not a doctor: Complete a mission as Tactical
  • Punch It: As the Helmsman or Engineer, perform your first warp in a Campaign or Ongoing Voyage mission
  • Nine-five-wictor-wictor-2: Disrupt systems 5 times via a system intrusion
  • I’m getting strange readings: As Tactical, scan your first ship
  • I’m givin’ her all she’s got: As the Engineer, maximize engines by routing power from shields and phasers
  • Fascinating: While on a mission, look outside of the spaceship using Space View for 10 seconds
  • Hailing on all frequencies: Answer your first Hail
  • He’s dead, Jim!: Witness the death of an NPC member
  • Steady as she goes, Sulu: Navigate through an asteroid field unscathed
  • Move, move, I can do zat!: As Captain, temporarily take over an NPC crewed station during a mission
  • Embrace technicality: Complete a mission as a Vulcan
  • What it is to be human: Complete a mission as a Human

Star Trek: Bridge Crew heads to PC and PS4 from 30 May. We’ve recently previewed it here.