Prey is available from today, and while Arkane Studios last release, Dishonored 2, was a bit of a mess on the PC, we’re happy to report that from what we’ve played so far Prey is running great.

While it might be lacking some extra options to toggle, its base — CryEngine3 — performs beautifully on the PC rig we’re testing with: an Intel i7 with a Nvidia GTX 980.

All of the video options are currently set to very high (the highest it can go), and with that we’ve not experienced anything below 80 frames per second so far. The game easily floats around an average of 100 frames per second.

The PC version also has controller support — which includes the Steam controller as well — for those of you that might want to sit back on the couch and play on their large TV.

While we’ve not experienced any issues so far, let us know in the comments below if you do.

Prey is available today on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.