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Forza 7: Here’s how the Xbox One X will benefit those with 1080p TVs


Speaking with Stevivor, Turn 10’s Chris Bishop detailed how those on a 1080p television will benefit from Forza Motorsport 7 on the 4K-capable Xbox One X.

First, as with other titles on Xbox One X, 4K assets will be supersampled and then rendered down to 1080p, bringing more detail to the image.

“It’s definitely a complicated thing to talk about,” Bishop admitted. “Supersampling is great because, in its most simplistic way to say it, it’s better picture quality. It’s the same amount of pixels on the screen but more detail, more crispness. HDR is great, too. So if you have an HDR TV, that’s a big improvement.”

There are easier benefits to detail, Bishop continued.

“With Xbox One X, you’re going to get faster load times, which is really nice,” he continued. “There’s more stuff on the screen. Even with 4K, we have 30% GPU left over. There’s way farther draw distances. There’s more stuff going on in the screen. So absolutely, even if you don’t have a 4K TV, you’re going to see a huge jump.”

Stay tuned for more from Bishop on Forza Motorsport 7. The racing title heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox One S as early as 29 September. The Xbox One X then heads to stores on 7 November.