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Destiny 2 beta: Your Guardian won’t carry over, but each piece of subclass artwork is forever


Update: We’ve sourced UI-less artwork. It’s included below.

Original story: The Destiny 2 beta is fleeting — it only lasts for a couple days and when it’s gone, so too are the Guardians you’ve built up inside it. Players should take heart, then, knowing that they can stare at in-game subclass artwork until the game’s full release in September.

Seriously though, have you seen each piece of gorgeous artwork that accompanies the upgradable skills of each subclass? They’re all amazing. Click on each for a larger view — perhaps you’ve just found your new desktop background?

Arcstrider Hunter

Dawnblade Warlock

Gunslinger Hunter

Sentinel Titan

Striker Titan

Voidwalker Warlock

Nice, right? Which is your favourite? We’re torn between the Arcstrider and the Dawnblade.

Considering that each beta character is a female, as is each character in the pieces of art above, we may even get male versions of the above when the full game is released. Update: Nope — you get a random gender roll when you create a character in the beta. Male or female, the artwork’s the same.

The Destiny 2 beta is on now for those who’ve pre-ordered; everyone else gains access on 21 July. The full game heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 6 September, followed by a release on Windows PC on 24 October.