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Solo Destiny 2 trick provides Raid Tokens, gear


Lone Wolf? No problem.

Solo Destiny 2 players are able to get Raid Tokens and potentially gear this week thanks to Warmind‘s new Raid Lair, Spire of Stars.

The trick was discovered last week by Redditor Kylestien.

“Ok, so with the new Raid Lair, Spire of Stars, there are 2 challenges: Make orbs, and get precision kills. Now, the last time this happened, in Eater of Worlds, you can’t get to any foes to earn those alone making it a moot point,” he wrote. “So you stood there looking at the engine pools looking like a plank wondering if your triple jump can get you onto that platform in the distance while secretly knowing it would not.”

“This time however, Calus. Done. Goofed. Or maybe it was his intent, I don’t know, crazy Cabal Emperors be crazy. For you see, you can summon foes right from the start and you can do it alone, allowing for those crispy headshot kills and orb gens!”

As pointed out by Redditor MJA21x, this week’s challenges — orbs generation and elemental damage kills — allow for the same trick.

“Simply load into Spire of Stars, grab a ball and take it to one of the four plates,” the Redditor wrote. “When you get the Greed debuff, throw it at the fountain in the middle of the map. This will cause enemies at 370 power to spawn. Get as much progress as you can before Calus kills you and, then, repeat.”

You can use the method above to get 6 Raid Tokens per character this week, providing 18 Tokens that can be spent on gear. A piece of gear will set you back 20 Tokens, so get earning while these tricks are still able to be taken advantage of.

Destiny 2 and its Warmind expansion are available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.