Your regular shotgun is ok in Resident Evil 7, but don’t you want an even better one?

You can grab an M21 shotgun as soon as you gain grab the Snake Key and enter Jacob’s room (and attic) to get the Model shotgun. You’ll also needed to have grabbed the Broken Shotgun in Grandma’s Room on the second floor of the main house — it’s likely you’ve swapped that for a working shotgun on the first floor.

Armed with the Model shotgun, you need to head to the Yard and the two sets of stairs leading to the main house. There’s a bit of boarding you can pull free, and inside that is a box with a Repair kit.

Head back inside the house, and swap the model shotgun for the Broken shotgun. Then, combine your two items for a working M21 shotgun.

Update: We’ve since discovered that second Repair Kit can be obtained by finding Treasure Photos and their corresponding Treasures. You can then upgrade both the Broken Handgun and the Broken Shotgun.

If you prefer a video, look no further:

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