Resident Evil 7‘s full of puzzles and collectible items, and Stevivor’s here to help you out as you play.

Up today is a listing of Treasure Photo locations and the actual Treasures they lead too. There’s some useful stuff too — something that increases your health, some powerful ammo and a very important repair kit.

The guide below contains slight spoilers, so follow at your own risk.

Here’s how to find all three Treasure Photos and the Treasure they share.

Point of no return for the Treasure Photos: Grab these before you solve Lucas’ birthday puzzle and head to the pier.

Treasure Photo and Treasure #1

  • The first photo is found in the basement of the main house, near the Scorpion Key.

  • Its corresponding treasure is in the Drawing Room of the Main House (1F). Check above the fireplace. Your reward? Steroids, used to increase your health.

Treasure Photo and Treasure #2

  • The second photo is in the stairwell leading to the Old House. It’s after you realise you’ll need to chase Marguerite down for her Lantern.

  • It’s corresponding treasure is in the toilet of the trailer in the yard (aka Zoe’s trailer). Your reward? Magnum ammo — so hard to miss, we didn’t even realise it was a treasure.

Treasure Photo and Treasure #3

  • The third and final photo is in the Storage Room in the Main House (2F). Look on the red stool.

  • The final treasure is the best one yet — a Repair Kit, useful for fixing either the Broken Handgun or Broken Shotgun. It’s found in one of Lucas’ booby trapped rooms.

Thanks, Alyzire!