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How many chapters are there in Resident Evil 7?


Update: ThisGenGaming has posted a post-game stats screen which suggests it can be completed in ten hours.

The image, below, also contains information pertaining to the number of collectible items found in-game. Proceed at your own risk.

Our own playthrough reveals that there aren’t really chapters, per say, but four unique locales. We hit the 10 hour mark on our own first playthrough.

Original story: A recent Resident Evil 7 data mine has uncovered the number of chapters present in the main game.

You can head to NeoGAF to get fully spoiled with plot points, but for those who’re just interested in the number, we’ve got it here: nine.

We’ll complete the chapter names and an overall completion time when the information is known.

Resident Evil 7 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 (with PS VR support) in late January 2017.