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The Evil Within 2 Weapons guide: Arm yourself

Even if you're in a stealth run, these weapons could help.

There are a bunch of weapons in The Evil Within 2, and this handy guide will show you how to find them!

Burst Handgun

Not needed for the corresponding ‘All Weapons’ Achievement or Trophy, this weapon has been giving to those who pre-ordered the game.

Semi Automatic Handgun

You’ll obtain this trusty sidearm as part of normal progression in Chapter 2.

Survival Knife

The same goes for your trusty knife. You’ll be able to go all slashy, slashy in Chapter 2.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

This is in Chapter 3 during the “Rogue Signal” side quest. Head to the Auto Shop, move the car and gain access to the facility located underneath. The weapon is waiting for you!

Warden Crossbow

This can be obtained as early as Chapter 3. It’s located near an armoured vehicle to the west of the game’s first Safe House. The crossbow is handy for enemies, of course, but also comes in handy for opening several locked doors.

Sniper Rifle

Again, this can be obtained as early as Chapter 3. You’ll find a broken sniper rifle across the street from the game’s first Safe House — look for a tall building ahead of you to the left. Climb up some stairs at the side of the building to access the weapon.

With that done, head to a tool shed in the northwest corner of Union. There are sniper rifle parts on a workbench that you’ll use to fix the weapon. Voila!

The weapon is also available in Chapters 11, 13 and 15 if you missed it.

Laser-Sighted Handgun

In Chapter 3, check the parking lot north of Union auto repair to find this handgun. It comes with improved aiming.

Full Barreled Shotgun

Can be obtained in chapter 6-7 & 11-13. In the business district there’s a “Post Plus” safehouse. To the south of the safehouse is a tool shed, in it you find the Full Barreled Shotgun location.

Silenced Handgun

This is earned in Chapter 7 during the “Getting Back Online” side quest.


Like the sniper rifle, this is a two-part weapon. First, defeat the Harbinger in Chapter 11. Then, back in Union, you’ll need to defeat the minor Harbinger enemies that are roaming the streets. Broken weapon + weapon parts = fixed weapon.

Double Barrelled Shotgun

This is in Chapter 13 during “The Last Step” side quest. It’s in the experimental wing of the Marrow.

Assault Rifle

You can pick this up in Chapter 13. It’s in the Safe House after a rather emotional cutscene.


You’ll get Sebastian’s favourite sidearm after completing all flashback events with the blue mist lady. Not sure where they are? Our Files guide has items that are attached to those encounters.


You’ll get the Resident Evil go-to weapon after beating the story for the first time.

Brass Knuckles

The fighters’ friends are offered up after beating the game on either Nightmare or Classic difficulties.

The Evil Within 2 is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’ve also got a great Files guide if you’re in need of help.