Zen Studios is back, gracing a host of platforms with a video game that isn’t related to pinball. Still, it’s close — the developer sticks to what it knows, perhaps unsurprisingly, in the form of Infinite Minigolf. A pick-up-and-play title,

Pinball FX3 will soon head to PS4, Xbox One and PC on Windows 10 and Steam, Zen Studios today announced. The news come with the confirmation that “players will be able to bring a majority of their previous Pinball FX2 and

There aren’t many things more iconic than the Star Wars franchise. Zen Studios has done a very good job of staying true to source material in their previous creations of virtual pinball tables. Anyone who knows me, or my love

That new car smell is one of those things you have to experience to really appreciate. While I can’t get a new car every couple of month, Zen Studios does a good job of giving me that new car feeling

Our very own Andy took it upon himself to make a Top 10 list of Pinball FX2 tables, and the kind folks over at Zen Studios have given us some free codes to lucky readers can try them some of them out themselves!

To know me is to know my love of pinball. For me, the simple arcade game has infused itself into many different aspects of my life. My early memories of roaming arcades looking for a table, getting my initials on it

Just when you thought the Star Wars marketing juggernaut was done, enter Zen Studio’s latest Star Wars pinball pack. There are two tables on offer, each featuring a different aspect of the latest movie. Well, I believe that to be the case;

Zen Studios,today confirmed that a “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” pinball table will soon be available inside Zen Pinball and Pinball FX2. The pack contains two tables, the “Force Awakens” table and the Might of the First Order” table. The tables will be available

A new bundle for Pinball FX2 launched this week featuring some super popular TV shows as pinball tables but the deal to secure the intellectual property started in a place you may not have expected: Twitter. This all started way

Zen Studios has announced that Archer will be joining both Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers in the “Balls of Glory” pack for Zen Pinball. The world’s greatest secret agent will be coming to life as part of the DLC pack and the developer’s partnership

Zen Studios announced today that the “Balls of Fury” pack for its range of pinball titles would include a special Bob’s Burgers table. The newly announced table joins the already announced Family Guy table in the pack which will be released later

There was a time when your band, movie or TV show hadn’t truly made it until there was a pinball table based on it. Sure, that was 25 years ago, but those days are returning with Zen Studios pinball platforms

Unless you are living under a rock, or don’t have electricity (in which case, how are you reading this?) you know that the latest Marvel Avengers movie,  Age of Ultron, releases next week. As such, the folks at Zen Studios put

Zen Studios announced today that a table based on Avengers: Age of Ultron will be making its way to Zen Pinball 2, Pinball FX2 and Marvel Pinball from 21 April. The new table includes modes dedicated to each member of The Avengers like a first-person mini-game

Free-to-play card game X-Men: Battle of the Atom is getting some new content from the artists and writers at Zen Studios, famous of their work on the Pinball FX franchise. Zen Studios is tasked with adding Deadpool centred content for the

The folks over at Zen Studios have been kicking out pinball tables for quite a while now. They’ve hit several home runs with themed table packs from both Marvel and Star Wars, yet curiously original tables have been MIA. That