The Sims 4 is indeed heading to consoles in November, EA today confirmed. As reported Tuesday, a listing for the simulator appeared on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One alongside a 17 November release date. Today, EA confirmed those details, adding the

A listing has outed The Sims 4 on Xbox One, ahead of an official announcement by EA. The listing, still available, says The Sims 4 will head to Xbox One on 17 November. The Sims 4 originally was released on PC in 2014, and later

EA today announced that vampires are heading to The Sims 4 thanks to the “Vampires Game Pack”. The undead can either feast on Plasma packs or Plasma Fruit… or, of course, other Sims you don’t mind thinning the herd. Vampires can

EA’s Origin service is hosting a holiday sale with up to 67% off select PC titles. Some offers include: Battlefield 1: 40% off FIFA 17: 50% off Titanfall 2: 50% off The Sims 4: 67% off Star Wars: Battlefront: 67% off

EA released an infographic (below) about the activities of Sims since the launch of The Sims 4 on 2 September 2014. The standout stats are that players have played 12,205 years worth of gameplay, 32 million Sims have been created, 5.7 million

EA Australia today advised that The Sims 4 is available on Mac. Those who’ve previously purchased the title on Windows PC can log in to Origin to download the Mac version of the game for free. In-progress Windows PC games can also

EA today announced the “Get to Work” expansion pack for The Sims 4. The expansion brings a number of new professions into The Sims 4, including policing, medicine, science and retail. The policing path lets you take your Sims from lowly Cadets

Origin’s Game Time program is now offering gamers the chance to get 48 hours of The Sims 4 in for free. The timer starts up when you launch the game, post-install, and gives you 48 hours of access, not necessarily 48

EA have announced via Twitter that The Sims 4 will be released on Mac next month. Kotaku has confirmed with EA that current PC players will receive the game for free. The Sims 4 was released for PC back in

EA has today advised that The Sims 4‘s Gallery app is now available on Android and iOS. “Anyone can stay connected to The Sims 4 while on the go with The Sims 4 Gallery app,” EA said in a press release.

AbleGamers today released a statement crowning their mainstream and indie Accessible Games of 2014. On the mainstream front, the award was presented to Bayonetta 2. “Bayonetta 2 pulls out all the stops for accessible game design while staying true to their

Pools are now available in The Sims 4 via a free update. Alongside the pools, your Sims will now have new swimwear options. Before you ask, yes. Pools can kill. Go online and login to Origin to get the update.

EA and Maxis have announced that the first of three free updates coming to The Sims 4 is now live. A new update will be released each month for the next three months and will add content and features. Each of

Review: The Sims 4

It’s reasonable to state that The Sims is the most popular series that nobody seems to want to own, but everybody ends up playing. It consistently sells in such large quantities that it must be a guilty pleasure for a

YouTuber WhyStuffIsGreat has brought it to Electronic Arts attention that The Sims 4‘s Gallery is prohibiting words like “gay”, “lesbian” and “homosexual”. EA, to their credit, have acknowledged the problem and say a fix is soon on the way. You

Want to relive some of your favourite sitcoms within The Sims 4? Well, we’ve got the stuff for you. Origin user ian8000 has recreated a ton of your favourites characters and locales, including Friends‘ Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Phoebe,